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    23rd May 2013

    I am Miroslav Mandic



    22nd May 2013

    I am the time and the space which lips of the two who are in love are sharing before their kiss



    21st May 2013

    I am the time and the space just before the touch of the two who love each other




    20th May 2013

    I am shimmering particles of God’s will in front of Your eyes


    18th May 2013

    I am the shade in which one man is actually coming into while talking over the phone



    17th May 2013

    I am trees in Kosutnjak before the evening shower



    16th May 2013

    I am lettuce which Miroslav Mandic was yearning for when he was in jail in his youth as well as for music which me tofu

    cream cheese, yogurt, strawberries, bread, globe, pencils, Macintosh computer and me are listening to together


    15th May 2013

    I am sleeping which gives back the strength after gruelling pain



    14th May 2013

    I am the beauty iPhone 5 over which Miroslav Mandic is talking for the first time



    13th May 2013

    I'm the healing of health, the helth of healing



    11th May 2013

    I am the third day of recovery

    10th May 2013

    I am life in chests

    7th May 2013

    I am a life of the life itself



    6th May 2013

    I am a mystery of life itself


    4th May 2013

    I am a life of the very mystery


    3rd May 2013

    I am sory


    2nd May 2013

    I am both creation and birth one love in everything



    1st May 2013

    I am the blueness of the first sentence In the beginning I created the heavens and the earth in the book of Genesis


    30th April 2013

    I am the beauty which doesn’t give up



    29th April 2013

    I am Nadezhda Tolokonnikova – freedom lives in my and Your heart