15th June 2013

    I am the moss on the asphalt



    14th June 2013

    I am a broken branch

    13th June 2013

    I the burdock and my buddy Miroslav Mandic


    12th June 2013

    I am beauty which can be seen only when it’s photographed



    11th June 2013

    I am a golden fly



    10th June 2013

    I am the budding of little white snails on grass blades


    8th June 2013

    I am God even dearer to God


    7th June 2013

    I am a soft bending


    6th June 2013

    i am calling



    5th June 2013

    I am a strawberry, a bud of a red rose



    4th June 2013

    I am socialising


    3rd June 2013

    I am peace



    1st June 2013

    I am climbing


    31st May 2013

    I’m trembling




    30th May 2013

    I am the pattering of rain over the tin shelter




    29th May 2013

    I am everything that Miroslav Mandic sees while sitting on the bench



    28th May 2013

    I am red taillights on the green tram


    27th May 2013

    I am a piece of rotten rope


    25th May 2013

    I am the word dance tattooed on the hand which is gently touching the blue flower

    24th May 2013

    I am something inexplicably exciting that can be felt in this photo