Bog Miroslav Mandić Bog

the poem of one name
the name of a man
the name of god
the name of a poem
i wrote it i sang it
from january 6th 2005 to july 24th 2017
i sang it every day except sunday
33 poems a day
i call them blessings
198 blessings per week
129600 blessings for twelve and a half years
129600 (360×360) blessings have formed a ball book
universe of poem
each day is marked with day number and date of singing
first three books have been published
fourth and fifth book are in my computer
last eight books are on the website
i hope that everything will soon be together on the website





    1873. day
    16th February 2010

    goodbye cactus

    I said to cactus while leaving the Nest


    now three hours of walking for 33 blessings

    it was 3 hours15 minutes and 13.47 km


    actually because everything depends only on me I know that nothing depends on me


    actually because nothing depends on me everything depends only on me


    yesterday lemon was agreeing with me a lot


    now everyday sowing of the money


    it is a little white envelope on which is written

    a bud to you

    if you find it somewhere and open it you find 50 dinars in it and text

    to unknown person





    bud of new money

    from unknown person


    it’s a bit warmer so I don’t have a scarf over my nose and mouth

    but from time to time I blow warm air through the nose to keep it warm


    I’m walking – I’m not travelling – everything within me is travelling


    yesterday Ivana translated the title Heel Fairytale...

    as if it is was fifth fairytale and I meant heel fairytale

    (“fifth” and “heel” in Serbian is the same: “peta”, comment by Ivana)


    few days ago Ivana translated that Miroslav Mandic book

    is fairytale for everybody and I wrote that it is for all beings

    I wink at Ivana


    I’m in middle. I’m going back. downhill. so far it was

    uphill so I was sweating a lot and worrying too much only about the walking


    it’s a bit easier to walk downhill


    everything is friend and friendship


    everything doesn’t know the enemy and hostility


    everything is constant creation of everything


    everything is constant kissing of everything


    of tails and wings


    of flappers and winds


    of books and meadows


    of lasers and streams


    of trout and mature water


    three magpies in the branches


    I bow down to everyone who doesn’t have enemies


    I wink at the shells


    always when I wink I feel how I’m also winked at


    in some places where the snow wasn’t cleaned

    one walks like walking over little children’s mountains


    uphill to the Cvetko’s market. sweating again


    slowly for the health of my lungs


    from Cvetko a slight downhill slope. collecting and gathering


    three hours of walking. not a lot. not a little. it’s eternal


    I am Your glory


    hallo cactus thank You for waiting for me

    I said to cactus as soon as I got into the Nest



    1874. day
    17th February 2010

    little is so little exactly as much as big is big




    the biggest is yearning for the smallest


    the smallest is yearning for the biggest


    everything that is is constant wedding of the biggest and smallest


    one step for the biggest one step for the smallest


    biggest wouldn’t exist without the smallest


    nowhere the biggest isn’t feeling so good like in the biggest


    I’m gently holding my hand on Your belly


    I write with love – I write to love


    art of the chestnut


    it’s getting warmer – sparrows are flying again


    I wink at the flees


    I winked at the flees because I’m thinking all the time about the sense


    just now I felt the sense of today’s walking


    I’m walking so as to hug the Universe


    shall we go there to cheat the people

    one young boy says to another near Vuk monument


    Universe couldn’t exist if nobody was hugging it


    infinity of existence


    genesis is the only happening


    within the genesis everybody has its own place


    everybody exists only through genesis


    I hug everybody who hugs


    good throat sings beautifully


    when body hair stands up from the joy the world is always saved


    I’m still holding my hand on Your belly


    everything I am doing is cosmic work


    street works in the Universe


    under the light of the public of all beings



    1875. day
    18th February 2010

    beggars are the spout and delta of goodness


    while I’m walking I lift myself a bit with my foot

    of the right leg and that’s enough for the eternal art


    I wink at Ignacy Witkiewicz

    dedicated to Vera Varady’s Czeslaw Milosz


    I finished reading of Mahabharata. I don’t want to

    hurt anybody but world of warriors and wars is not my world


    all big epics that are talking about war and war waging are not mine


    I live on new not yet written epics


    on epos about patient observation


    epos about lofty non- action


    epos about not opposing the evil


    epos about a horse who is contemplating over man


    epos about glorious bacteria and viruses


    epos about grass and hay


    epos about the centre that is everywhere and periphery that is nowhere


    epos about love for every particle


    epos about big singing of small songs


    epos about the Bud of All Beings


    epos about a child which is resurrecting all creatures


    epos about the eyes of this woman who is crossing the pedestrian crossing


    epos not about the theory of everything but about love for everything


    epos about anonymous forces of love


    Jelena Besir and I had coffee at the half way point

    of her 2/33 Walking for the Bud of All Beings


    epos of loneliness


    epos of the rain – warm rain is starting


    epos of thinking


    epos ball




    epos of care-freeness


    epos of groundless heroism and heroism of groundlessness


    epos of the root and fruit of words


    epos about the best one – poem is telling the best one

    unlike the ancient epics that are telling about the best ones


    biggest epos ever written – epos about anything




    by epos-ohm










    1876. day
    19th February 2010

    it’s so beautiful that I’m walking slowly from the beginning


    heavenly. harmless. innocent


    I also took off my sweat-shirt I’m just in my shirt


    near the main Post Office I think of snowdrops


    the wind is getting stronger. it’s colder. I feel cold for a while


    just to say sorry for slagging you at the writer’s forum

    approached me and told… who I haven’t seen for twenty years


    I can only imagine how people some people are slagging me


    to be slagged is good for calming down


    I’m holding my palm around my throat. all my attention is going towards

    keeping myself from coldness


    when I got going I thought how good it was that I put on such a light clothes

    now I’m thinking quite the opposite that it’s not so good I put on such light clothes


    I was hoping that on the Bulevard’s uphill I’ll come across a leeward spot

    but I didn’t


    my palm around my neck and just as soon as possible to get to the Nest


    I’m thinking about a lot of situations in which beings are hiding

    themselves in shelters


    under the eaves running away from the rain


    into the leeward spot from wind


    into the warm to keep away from the cold


    coming into the nest


    crawling into the pits and holes


    entering the cities


    getting to the wood


    running away into the basements from bombs


    running away from tyranny all the way until they reach free territory


    if I’m already freezing and worrying may at least the blessings stay


    if I’m already slagged off may there at least be blessings about slagging


    if I was better dressed it would have been a different tune

    but instead it’s this blown through one


    older gentleman with his hand on his back is peacefully whistling


    I drank a warm tee


    I had a warm shower


    I drank lemonade


    I already changed the sweaty undershirt


    I’m drinking a bit of brandy


    I wink at the one who has slagged me on the writer’s forum


    I wink at winking




    1877. day
    20th February 2010

    I will be drawing little circles for every plane tree on the Boulevard in Belgrade


    it’s been said that they are eighty to ninety years old but soon in spite of their

    beauty and incredible importance for life and culture of Belgrade they will be

    cold-bloodedly cut down


    by the circle-wholeness I will heal me-You and all beings from helplessness

    because I can’t prevent evils that are constantly happening in the world

    who is – what kind of a being – is developing financing and producing

    weapons that are used for killing


    it’s starting to rain slightly. will I manage to draw all the little circles


    people are terribly cruel – unsurpassed killers


    but good deeds of rare beings are surpassing evil doings of people


    as I pass the plane tree I draw a little circle


    I drew all plane trees from Cvetko’s Market to the main Post Office


    I’m getting a cramp in my left hand in which I was holding a pad and crayons


    I continued to Kalemegdan in order to cover today’s mileage


    I’m starting to draw little circles for every plane tree

    across the road from the main Post Office to the Cvetko’s Market


    I finished – all the plane trees are now alive forever

    although man will soon commit the slaughter




    slaughter-man transform yourself into the healer


    man – don’t take the life of the other beings


    man – clean your evils and sins in the oceans of tears of other beings


    man – may Your chest tremble with love cry for all beings


    man – you can’t live or survive if you kill any other being


    man – have you ever seen the beauty of the green moss on the trees


    man – have you ever seen an apple on the tree branches


    man – have you ever been saved from coldness by a tree


    man – have you ever found better method of thinking than the

    picture of tree


    man – give birth to the nursery plants


    man – quiet down within trees


    man – find your survival in the lungs of trees


    man – you are just a servant to the dignity of trees


    man – trees are the blue roses in the universe



    personal religion is the religion solely of God

    God alone

    God of all beings

    all big religions are just private religions



    conscience is knowledge

    knowledge itself

    knowledge of all beings

    all big universities are just the interest of private knowledge



    giving your life to the other is the only economy

    profit itself

    harmony of all beings

    all big corporations and banks are just death and sorrow of private ownership



    Your beauty is the beauty of God

    beauty itself

    beauty of all beings

    all big fashions in everything and also in art are just private and old fashioned









    1879. day
    22nd February 2010

    I bow down to Your face


    I bow down to the grass which is swaying in the snow


    I bow down to the nostrils and pine needles


    I bow down to the bow-downs of all pilgrims


    I bow down to the openness


    I bow down to the walk while walking


    bow down is freedom with which free people are kissing the un-free


    I bow down to all hugs


    I bow down because I enjoy bowing down


    I bow down to flowers that smell nice


    I bow down to the road that leads everyone to everybody


    I bow down to the easiness of bowing down


    I bow down to the hand on the chest


    I bow down to the lips on the groin


    wow how bowing down is healing


    everything gathers in the bow-down


    I stop anywhere and I just bow down – I call that wise


    I bow down to the seriousness of bowing down


    I bow down to the tenderness of bowing down


    I bow down to the particle that is trotting through

    the heart of the Universe for millions of years


    I bow down to the dog in the city in which there is not even a mad dog


    I bow down to the fingers of my hands that folded up in the prayer for prayer


    I bow down to the heart that is kissing the lonely hearts


    I bow down to the heroism of those who have

    endured the pain of love and not hurting anybody


    I bow down to everyone who brings peace to somebody else


    I bow down to the mystery of the soil


    I bow down to the holy scriptures that are talking about the one and about simplicity


    I bow down to the yearning that is giving You birth within me


    I bow down to the warm and dry long legged boots on my legs

    thanks to Vesna Milovic who gave them to me couple of years ago


    I bow down to the inexhaustibility of repeating the unrepeatable


    only repeating is singing the unrepeatable and that’s why I bow down again


    I bow down to the bud of Your belly button


    I bow down to the bud of Your heart



    1880. day
    23rd February 2010

    a battle of all beings for all beings has started


    I kiss my mortality – it is an eternal immortality


    rose of blaze


    blazing rose


    if I’d known in my youth that I will be so alone

    in my life I probably wouldn’t dared to go this way


    that way I neither wanted nor I cloud have went


    if I didn’t go this way I would have barely existed or I would have killed myself


    thank God I went this way


    I am alone so as to really be with somebody


    I am alone so as to really be with everybody


    I am alone because all beings are alone


    only when a being is alone a being is with all beings


    alone is everything


    why don’t you learn how to make medicinal tinctures


    I’m walking the planet – I’m circling in the heart of all beings


    ocean of loneliness – ocean of permeating


    kings are disgusting – presidents are boring

    said the king of all kings to the president of all presidents


    kings are killers – presidents are mass killers

    said the king of a king to the president of a president


    by walking loneliness turns into the bud


    by walking and writing loneliness turns into the Bud of All Beings


    oh how this yellow butterfly rejoiced me


    one can’t know everything but one can love everything


    knowing is lesser than loving


    I am precedes everything and creates everything


    I couldn’t bare the loneliness if I didn’t see the yellow butterfly


    I couldn’t bare the loneliness if I don’t feel all beings


    I couldn’t bare the loneliness if I don’t live for You even though

    You are not around


    I couldn’t bare the loneliness if there weren’t those

    who are alone and who bared it and are enlarging love of all beings


    mother instinct of alone ones is the instinct for all beings

    and not for the one’s own beings


    alone ones are not at war – they don’t steal nor kill


    alone ones don’t write history – alone ones are dancing and singing


    loneliness is disappearing with merging of the couple or togetherness of all beings


    merging of two people lasts briefly and togetherness of all beings doesn’t exist yet



    57TH TIME 33 DAYS

    1881. day
    24th February 2010

    there are twenty three million people in this world who live like sex slaves


    warm and sunny day. I’ve been thinking for already an hour about violence

    and evil that are done to sex slaves. I thought of this and that and in the

    moment when I asked myself what could I do now for them I caught

    the sight of this tree and I felt that’s that what I should have done


    to look at and take the photo of the tree that is saving white slaves


    actually because there is nothing cleaner more noble and innocent

    in this world than sex – sex is abused the most


    seventy percent of biological life is based on sex

    seventy percent of business comes from sex


    birth – sex – death


    I threw a ball into the air 33 times so as there was no abuse of birth sex and death

    in order to turn seventy percent of business that comes from sex into the life for all beings


    birth gives birth to illusions as well


    sex is being manipulated and traded with


    death is being threatened with as well as it’s been used for making life senseless


    the smell of the grass agrees with me – it liberates me from feeling guilty

    for 23 million people who are now molested through sexual violence


    that girl who is running really slow has reminded me of the art of slow running


    yesterday and today I have been collecting little stones for the cactus


    I’m getting old


    every day I notice how I’m getting old


    getting old is unknown to me


    it is unknown to me as any period of life was unknown


    it is unknown to me like life after death is unknown


    will I go around the Planet in ten years


    will I be creating Bud of All Beings every day


    will I be the Art of Miroslav Mandic every moment


    I skip for the success of all beings


    I skip for Your success


    I skip for success of the Eternal Art of Miroslav Mandic


    since I have sixty years of experience in unknown

    it would be good to use it for getting old as well

    and to create while getting old what can

    only be sung while getting old


    the art of getting old is creating immortality








    I have to admit that I couldn’t grasp from the site what are you doing now

    a friend who I met by chance in the end of today’s walking told me


    will you catch it

    I asked eight year old boy and threw him the ball


    he caught it with smile. my hero and first

    unknown person in the Bud who I threw the ball to


    today is 1881st day of Miroslav Mandic book and pedometer

    showed me that I have walked 18881 step today


    hey beauty of numbers – goodness of unknown – hey boy hero – one and only love – we are one




    1882. day
    25th February 2010

    the moment I started to go I was filled with joy from big boots


    I’m going to see the yellow colour that I saw by chance yesterday


    is it somebody’s art work or was the railroad house painted in it just like that


    I’m going to see that yellow since it seemed to me

    as the most important thing that can be done today in this world


    most important since it is unimportant


    unimportance is important because it’s not corrupted


    everything that is important is invalid because it’s corrupted


    science will be celebrated only when it starts being engaged in the unimportant


    towards yellow


    maybe it is some important art work but I don’t know that


    for me that yellow is a great art work


    whenever something is expensive it is corrupted and

    therefore it can’t be a great art work no matter how much

    the corrupted ones have been declaring it as such


    I’m taking one metre long steps in order that none of my

    thoughts would be judgement or condemnation but free thought


    when I say that there is much more music in yellow of

    the railroad house than in the city philharmonics I didn’t say anything

    bad about the philharmonics but I said good about the yellow


    when I say that everything important is corrupted and unimportant

    uncorrupted I’m not accusing important but celebrate unimportant


    I create eternal art for all beings and that means also

    for philharmonics and science and corrupted beings



    two more kilometres to the yellow


    yellow is only half way up. the upper half is some gray-white colour


    yellow is spattered from the cars that are passing by

    and that’s how it’s even more beautiful that yellow


    I forgot about everything and I just walked – that was in glory of yellow


    Bud of All Beings is the struggle of all beings for all beings


    I believe that human beings as well are living for

    all beings and that’s why I believe that human beings have

    the need to free themselves from human restraints and society


    Bud of All Beings is setting free human beings from human

    society that enslaves them so as they would enslave other beings


    freedom is love for all beings and not only for some beings


    love for all beings is not destroying but just kisses all beings


    I’m on Sava. spring waters are carrying everything in front of it


    I’m going to see the yellow and tomorrow I will come to see

    this grass mixed with moss


    river say to everybody that I’m going to see the yellow colour on the railroad house

    I said quietly to river Sava


    I lifted up three little stones the size of a thumb

    nail. richness – from today I will be gathering stones


    I’m heading to see the yellow and I’m immensely enjoying this rain by the river


    here it is – here I am. yellow is yellowing and confirming itself

    even in this greyness of the rain

    6.96 km to the yellow. I made 36 photos of the yellow


    in the end one man approached me and drove me away because I’m not

    allowed to take photos of yellow. I told him thank you and he told me

    thank you is worth nothing


    cactus – happiness of all beings

    I said to cactus when I got into the Nest




    1883. day
    26th February 2010

    today I’ll go to see the grass mixed with moss


    it’s on the docks


    grown around some metal bar


    I haven’t even drank one sip of coffee and I’m already thinking of the grass and moss


    walking towards the sun


    it’s bitter. strong and gentle. first sip. of nescafe


    I’m finishing the drawing of the Solemn Sunday Lunch of All Beings


    sun is shining


    while I was drawing little circles on the drawing I was thinking with excitement

    about the sentence sun is shining


    it’s raining. wind is blowing. it’s snowing. sun is shining


    what is shining and how the sun shines


    sun is shining


    wow how sun is shining is nicely said sentence


    I’m watching the day through the window


    it shines


    light is still young and it smells of morning


    sun is shining hey


    life shines


    God shines


    I shines

    I shines in the word sh-I-nes


    shines the word shines


    by shining of the sun every word shines


    shining sowing

    (in Serbian very similar: “sijanje” “sejanje”)


    ing – God’s light


    light is the body of all beings


    light is the food and love of all beings


    light is home – homeland of all beings


    light – road that I will take to the grass and moss


    they are cutting the plane trees


    when a feeling of pleasure permeates me

    that’s some good being somewhere caresses all beings


    here are first snowdrops on the street. a lot of hearts

    trembles when first snowdrops appear in town


    may God give you to always have and always give

    an old woman told me in Svetogorska street


    I’m caressing grass and moss




    1884. day
    27th February 2010

    if there was no God I wouldn’t be a poet






    countless sexes of the one and only love


    countless loves of the one and only sex


    everything lives just from Your love









    I am a body of all metaphors


    who dares doesn’t judge


    melancholy of birth giving gives birth to the eternal melancholy


    joy of the creation creates the eternal joy


    nonviolence is the one and only love


    I’m outside – I sing through God – air


    I am peace of all beings in my heart


    it’s raining – sun is not shining – sun is shining


    the best one is fighting on the side of the winners just until they win


    the best ones are on the side of the winners after the win


    the best one liberates people from tyranny and criminal of the best ones

    dedicated to Vladimir Macura


    cut plane trees – horrible sight – apocalypse


    everyone who feels every moment that many beings

    are experiencing apocalypse will save all beings from apocalypse


    little sister – joyful tears


    the best one is admiring the best one

    for best ones it goes without saying that others admire them


    only the lone one kisses everything


    if couple don’t transform into one they kiss just halves


    through thinking everything – everything is and sings

    through thinking everything – everything thinks and kisses me

    through thinking everything – I’m kissing the thought that thinks everything


    this is the blessing in which like in every poem one can take out word by word

    until you come to your word from which you will live with all beings

    always and forever


    love love love I cheer You

    I spoke out while I was drawing Good Walker


    I’m going back through the Boulevard. again deterrent sounds of a saw and

    horrible sights of massacre


    in my heart I’m sawing the seed of all beings

    in my mind I’m sawing the seed of not yet created beings


























    if I wasn’t a poet I wouldn’t have been God




    1886. day
    1st March 2010



    definitely – let’s definitely


    I definitely need a bit louder speakers I thought yesterday


    I would definitely like to draw on the screen


    I would definitely like you to come over


    pornography is definitely body of platonic love


    sex is definitely homeland of eternity


    body definitely feeds the soul


    soul definitely feeds the spirit


    spirit is definitely God of small things


    it’s definitely nice walking on grass


    it’s definitely nice to hear the voice that is calling me


    statistic is definitely a gentile friend


    on a big woman’s forehead is definitely laying the foundation of the future church


    through the beauty of Goddess God has definitely been creating snow


    Solemn Sunday Lunch of All Beings is definitely

    most tasty lunch from time immemorial to eradicating of hunger of all beings


    Milica is definitely a girl that gives birth to all beings


    joy is definitely noble


    I-go is definitely an I-dea


    the fact that there is nobody around is definitely Your presence and Your glory


    Bud of the New Money is definitely an answer


    scarf is definitely caressing a neck and not strangling it

    to the dancers


    singing is definitely unstoppable and dancing regenerating


    Your breasts are definitely my lungs


    Your cock is definitely my tranquillity


    Your pussy is definitely my creation


    gratitude is definitely most intense fucking


    self censorship is definitely most morbid death


    my heart is definitely grafted to Yours


    bees are definitely flying through the Universe


    science serving war goals is definitely ending


    state serving violence is definitely ending


    giving birth as means of extending the kind is definitely ending


    definitely only God is telling me Miroslav dance and sing



    1887. day
    2nd March 2010



    I can no longer live if I don’t die with butchered plane trees


    I can no longer live if I don’t die every second

    with all killed beings anywhere in the Universe


    I can no longer live if I don’t die every day with beings that are dying


    I can no longer love if I’m not compassionate with unloved ones


    I can no longer give birth if every second I don’t scream

    through screaming of a newborn ones


    I can no longer create if I don’t identify

    with the ones for whom creating has been forbidden


    it’s really nice how much I know you. I don’t know when exactly it happened

    that I have learned you. but I know a lot about you and it feels really pleasant. there

    is certainly a lot I don’t know about you but you are one of the people I know the

    most of. you are actually the only one. I know more about you and your history

    than about any other man

    Branka Zgonjanin wrote me while we were chatting


    I would love if you’d known everything about me. I would love that everybody knew

    everything about me

    I answered Branka


    one is open


    only the one is open


    open is immortal


    freedom is open


    fears are in secrets


    the weapon that is used for ruling others reigns within the secrets


    openness is the nest of all beings


    woman in Zaplanjska street is sitting on the steps in front

    of the shop. she is smoking a cigarette. cleaning the knees of her pants and cries


    you are like ones you are with – I am with all beings


    I cooked the beetroot


    I am a constant petition through which

    the beauty of every being and goodness of all beings is supported


    Miroslav Mandic is handwriting of all beings


    when I write Miroslav Mandic I wrote Your name


    when anybody writes their name they wrote Miroslav Mandic


    thunders are guarding tender beings


    all beings are tender


    all beings are guarding thunders


    I will give You my scarf


    I caress Your toe nails


    I caress all beings within You


    You who kiss life I caress Your brave decision that You have just come to


    I caress Your tenderness that You need to carry out Your decision


    I constantly think of You


    You are my thought


    I am Your path-life-love


    MIROSLAVEY (from “odyssey”)

    1888. day
    3rd March 2010

    when I get money I will buy 129600 millimetres of white wool. for every

    blessing one millimetre. I will wind in a ball all blessings written until then


    then I will wind every week 198 millimetres

    of white wool – 198 blessings written that week


    white ball of wool


    bud of love


    that white ball of wool is this book


    a ball


    writing through balling – balling through writing


    a ball is circling by stillness




    Miroslavey of creating


    Odyssey of Odysseus


    Miroslavey of Miroslav


    there are no halves. there are no compass points


    therE arE no boundariEs of time but just the energy of love


    only one I of every I


    everything is in one


    white geese are taking off from the water


    soul is flying


    fire is creating


    air is kissing


    water is transforming


    earth exists


    down is up – up is down


    there is here – here is there


    soft is hard – hard is soft


    white is white – white is white


    Miroslavics of all beings


    Miroslavics of wedding of all beings with all beings


    Miroslavey of humbleness and tameness


    Miroslavey of loyalty and simplicity


    Miroslavey of God


    Miroslavey of creating is creating of Miroslav Mandic and singing of Miroslav Mandic


    geese are flying




    1889. day
    4th March 2010

    I’m running the water


    all beings sing within me


    Buds are asking me when will Ana come to draw us again

    I sent e-mail yesterday to Ana Djordjevic-Petrovic


    well that’s true, a Garden sometimes needs a female hand. tell them I’m

    coming soon... I think it will be Tuesday 9th March around 11:30 but

    I must confirm that... because my grandma has a birthday that day

    and I’m not sure if she will live till then... let it then be as it must be

    Ana answered me


    I hope I will soon start drawing 33 Pictures of Eternal Life


    God is creating within me


    when I’m happy I’m always also happy for all beings


    this is unbearably good-beautiful idea for You


    read me better than I am writing


    I am writing better than anybody can read me


    why didn’t I approach her


    marry me – I am married to You


    I kiss You loyally but get out of my sight if You don’t feel why I resent you


    I admire Rousseau for leaving his five kids in a children’s home


    I admire Teresa Levasseur Rousseau’s wife for enduring Rousseau’s decisions


    this that flickers flickers in glory of flickering


    Van Gogh’s paintings are just a hint of Van Gogh Christ


    thus how and where from has come thus


    only a nostalgia for this moment is live nostalgia


    the fact that sometimes I don’t want to say anything

    says more than if I have said anything


    every blade of grass


    any sparrow


    what a cows


    tree in mud is not rotting


    sun’s ember – heart of the planet Earth


    when I’m happy I’m always happy for Fernando Pessoa as well


    just look at this beauty of a sentence


    smell of cows


    why didn’t you approach me


    I love less and less football but I love more and more football ball










    word next to a word is a story


    word in a circle is a poem and fairytale of the Bud of All Beings

    in the book these words should be arranged in a circle



    I LOVE

    1890. day
    5th March 2010

    I am


    I am


    I am is love that identifies


    I am snow


    I love to draw fine lines with ink and pen


    I love to write words on top of the words


    I love not yet existing law by which the acquired wealth

    during the life can’t be inherited but just transferred to all beings


    everyone that ever existed is now me


    everything that ever existed is now me


    all water


    all stones


    all light


    a friend tells me that she got all money from the state budget for the film

    I don’t know how to make films but I know how to ask for and get the money for them

    I made this up


    I put hand cream on my feet as well as calf length boots and here I am on the snow


    when I was sixteen I wrote first poem about black and white snow


    first poem I saved is when I was twenty and it’s called Nevenka


    first two-three hundred poems I burnt in a trash can when I was twenty one


    I bought an elastic band for a green jogging suit that I found on the street

    three-four months ago


    I am a theory of theory – You are theory of theory


    I create theories – You are a practical theory


    I love the same in each letter – You love differences in each letter

    I love Woody Guthrie You Bob Dylan


    important is thought through well only if it is thought a little bit and short


    an un important is not thought through but one rather exists


    for all of that what is not important and is not unimportant all thoughts

    are being and are spent


    I love to think like a child


    I love to think like a rock that ibex/Alpine mountain goats are climbing over


    I also love to think like today’s wind over the river


    everyone who endangers the weaker is already dead


    state is already dead


    institutions are already dead


    big corporations are already dead


    who at least once has experienced one will always love and be one


    I love when world is beautiful like eyes of this woman who looked at me

    as she was passing by




    1891. day
    6th March 2010

    oh joy




    joy work joy


    You’ll be breath taken from beauty and love of

    Miroslav Mandic when You open up to him


    I live whole my life in order to write this in this exact way


    sun is shining it’s really cold


    Miroslav Mandic – first poet of all beings


    Miroslav Mandic – first artist of all beings


    Miroslav Mandic – first walker of all beings


    Miroslav Mandic – first fight in which nobody

    fights against anybody but everybody fights for everybody


    who believes me believes themselves


    rejoice me – believe me


    touch – it’s touching












    wind is blowing like crazy and it’s pretty cold – a man said to somebody

    over the phone


    I am a juicy peach of language


    Nietzsche constantly Nietzsche – Nietzsche constantly sprouts

    (Serbian “sprout” is written and pronounced the same as name Nietzsche)


    the more objective it is the more false it is – the more public the more secretive it is


    Nikolai Fyodorov


    when I got into the Nest I took out the money and I saw

    that this week I have saved 300 dinars. but I also noticed that

    I have lost the batteries for my dictaphone that cost 600 dinars


    my heart is full because after a long time I saw my beggar

    Ruzica and her seven year old daughter Sanja. they were happy

    to see me. that makes me happy and proud although Ruzica said

    she has been in prison for three days because of beggary


    this man and his civilization with these kind of

    laws are dead because he locks up god’s creatures


    I love You Sanja – I love You Ruzica


    once more


    I love You even more Sanja – I love You even more Ruzica


    art of pillow case

    I give this idea to Jelena Besir as a present



    I miss reeds


    I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m sleepy


    news of the day is that the day is the news


    only news of every day is actually that the day is the only news


    last night in Kalenic café I met seventy year old beautiful

    woman who is coming into the Kalenic café for 33 years

    dedicated to the art of 33


    we are the heart of all beings



    1893. day
    8th March 2010

    four in the afternoon


    yesterday I had a thought that I can hardly wait to wake up and write You


    I got up at half seven but there was no water


    Jelena Besir didn’t call to tell me if she is coming to

    take photos of 64 Buds are Singing to the Bud of All Beings


    the telephone rang and Violeta asked me is your mobile phone not working


    I realised that I didn’t take it out of my jacket yesterday and I didn’t hear it ringing


    Violeta asked me to ask Ivana to check the blessings in Serbian

    since today and tomorrow as well as maybe for the rest of the week

    she won’t have the access to the internet


    on the mobile phone I saw that Jelena has already left

    and that she phoned me several times


    I called Jelena to tell her to stop by somewhere to the toilet since

    mine was full of the material that didn’t go for the lack of water


    Jelena bought water so we made coffee


    I drew all 64 Buds and Jelena took photos of them


    I drew Blue Rose and Jelena recorded Blue Film


    I gave to Jelena a little stone from the Saturday

    photo and the idea that is called The Art of the Pillow Case


    I walked with Jelena to Branko’s bridge. we met

    Ana and saw a group of women who were protesting on the

    occasion of 8th of March guarded by a large group of policemen


    on my way back I walked on my own so as to walk through the coldness


    I didn’t write anything I just walked and protecting my nose and mouth from cold air


    I bought the batteries for dictaphone


    I bought portfolio and hundred cases for the Blue Roses


    I bought tartar sauce


    when I got to the Nest I got last year’s bill for utilities

    for April last year that I paid already and that put me

    down and confirmed that state institutions are criminal


    I washed my hands and face with half a glass of water


    in water that Jelena bought me I cooked leek carrot and a bit of cabbage


    I’m withholding myself from being afflicted by the

    fucking carelessness and greed of people serving the state


    water will come soon and will take away the material


    I say material and not shit just to make a joke to the delight of humour


    not to be disgusted by shit is very important


    to feel the goodness of shit is even more important


    to see the beauty of the shit of others is the art of the beauty itself


    scientists are trying for centuries to find the theory of everything


    the problem is that the theory of everything can’t be found if it isn’t for everything


    wherever everything is there the formulae for everything abides


    only the one that is everything if the theory of everything


    lunch is waiting for You



    1894. day
    9th March 2010

    when I heard yesterday a respectable man saying that is what Einstein

    said… I immediately thought out another Einstein’s sentence what Einstein has said

    is one more thing that is being said for that I have said it and I haven’t said it


    science is a question – I am questioned


    I am questioned about everything – everything depends on me


    religion is an answer – I am responsible for a response


    twenty or so people holding packages are waiting in front of

    the gate of the District Jail to visit their loved ones


    I am happy because I’ve been in jail


    I am happy for seeing this tree


    I am watching it for all locked up people


    what are you doing – a woman that came out of the yard asked me

    I find this tree beautiful so I’m taking a picture of it – I answered her

    it could build a house. we thought of cutting it down but let it stay – she said


    a man is washing his hands in a little bit of snow that is left on the car


    it is good to learn about beauty from the beauty of the stones


    this is not a lot but it is everything


    minimal needs are making maximal love


    maximal needs give birth to nothingness


    I am on Miroslav Mandic – most remote star in the Universe


    the most remote star is now and here


    now within now


    here within here


    I within I


    love within love


    I within love – love within I


    I within heart of goodness


    I within heart of beauty


    I within heart of new and clean beginning


    begin me


    Miroslav Mandic is Everybody’s Mother


    this is not a lot but it is even a bit more than everything


    now of the lips


    here of the agreement


    I of cranberry


    I just remembered that I have forgotten something

    but I still can’t remember what that is


    little stones


    lie is betrayed regret

    (in Serbian “regret” is anagram of “lie”: “laž” “žal”)




    1895. day
    10th March 2010

     did you read Hey Little Man – by Wilhelm Reich

    did you read School of Atheism – by Aleksandar Tisma

    that is what I couldn’t remember yesterday and I did remember tonight


    snow dust is snowing


    green football pitch is white again


    time plays are not stopping and are constantly changing


    are we gonna walk Miroslav – I say to myself


    we are walking and hanging around with all beings – I keep on encouraging myself


    all beings are in every heart


    only the life of all beings within me constitutes my life



    all beings are snowing


    white wool of alllife is winding


    because the roots of the trees are interfering with waste pipes water pipes

    electrical and telephone wires in the ground man has thought out to plant the

    trees in enclosed space. some kind of big pots but actually cages


    soil belongs first to trees and only then to man


    man has stolen the soil from the trees


    man doesn’t understand that in that way he himself is in the cage of his own idiotism


    to be a man is something most disgusting that can happen to a being


    only among all beings there is a hope for the most disgusting ones


    they are rejoicing – snowing more and more – all beings


    I hug unimportance for You – I kiss You in unimportance

    I sent an e-mail to Branka Zgonjanin


    if you didn’t get going just to tell you that strong wind

    is blowing. take double scarf. dress well. I kiss you

    Jelena Besir sent me an sms


    kisses are taking care of kisses


    I am outside. it’s not cold. but when it starts blowing...


    man like any other being is not disgusting but what man is

    doing to other beings is disgusting and that makes him disgusting

    man will free himself from the man


    I think of the beauty of Arabic writing


    all symbols are live love


    cross is love

    swastika is love

    circle is love

    wheel is love

    crescent moon is love

    pentagram is love

    hexagon is love



    mind in heart. heart in goodness of pussy and cock that are creating beauty of love


    I let one old woman pass on a snowy path and she smiled at me

    I felt how her heart warmed up. in her smile all beings are enjoying now


    I wink at lambs


    I wink at man so as he wouldn’t butcher the lambs


    millions of years are behind me. millions of years are in front

    of me and just one and only now within which all millions are


    all beings have lived until now so as I would write this blessing


    while this wind by the river is blowing through me I think that

    all I do is nothing else but just music of hope for all beings


    music of budding