Bog Miroslav Mandić Bog





    2012. day
    5th July 2010

    let’s race love-kissing everything

    Tour de France has started


    I scrubbed the bathroom. wiped the floor. filled the holes because of the ants


    I walked. I was silent all the time. I was just going. somehow already


    and now as if I don’t exist








    of every



    I don’t exist – I’m swimming


    I don’t exist – I’m nothing


    I don’t exist – I’m nobody


    I don’t exist – essence is fucking with me


    I don’t exist – I’m the pillow on which the head of yearning is drooping


    yearning is tired


    I’m caressing the yearning – I’m yearning for You – I say to the yearning


















    words are adding on each other


    dusty cherry plums on the side of the road


    snails climbers


    on the waste of asphalt chunks that I took the

    photo of but I decided to put the snails on the web-site


    if this 56739th blessing has sense than everything has


    if this 56740th blessing has sense it will be the comfort for the absurd ones


    if this 56741st blessing has sense that is the fragility

    actually love-kissing the unprotected ones


    hey knees


    hey skin


    I am the skin that has never been touched by the other skin


    I bow down to You untouched skin


    through skin – through spirit


    this is the most original tattoo that I’ve ever seen – told me young

    bookstore salesman for the word love on my temple


    who loves the unloved is God


    God within God

    — the idea for new tattoo



    I’m facing You – face me


    I’m the sea – have a swim


    I’m the sky – live through yourself – live through God


    I’m really missing You – You are not around – I’m not missing You


    I just picked You at this moment – and I still haven’t finished reading You my beloved



    61ST TIME 33 DAYS

    2013. day
    6th July 2010

    last night I’ve heard for the first time about Hira i sungazing


    it’s very familiar to me – to be fed by light


    light is love-kissing


    I put new white paper on my desk that will

    after a while become tenth desk picture




    a great










    that’s what


    I’m doing








    words flyers


    I was swimming with the swimming glasses and ear plugs

    I was diving. I was watching my hands under the water. water weeds


    prices of vegetables and fruit have gone up quite a bit


    I love-kiss You God I do – I love-kiss You God I do – I love-kiss You God I do

    I’m singing on every up-hill


    these chants will help me enjoy going up-hills everyday


    I’ve tired myself out. I feel gratitude


    I’m struggling at the desk to be nice at the desk as well


    I’m thirsty


    I’ve replanted three liveforevers in bigger pots


    it’s hard to write being tired


    to write


    a great




    with each






    how I





    2014. day
    7th July 2010

    somewhere around Slavija Square drunk after

    three glasses of wine and lunch with Vladimir Macura


    this wind and coming six-seven kilometres to the Nest feels really nice


    I’m tenderly thinking of the beggar woman that I gave the money

    and she gave sign to another one that she should also beg and I saw it

    and she also saw that I saw it so we laughed together


    I’m taking out of my pocket left over bread from lunch


    I love to drink before I’ve eaten. when I start eating I don’t drink any more


    afterwards I love to draw out the alcohol with food and bread


    wind is blowing. I’m chewing the bread in my mouth


    become famous through me – everything is telling me


    I’m becoming famous through You – I’m telling to everything


    become famous through me – I’m telling You


    I met Vladimir Macura on 6th October 2007


    I told him then that my work is whole


    that my every word is more valuable that his museum and his collection


    that I’m the best – one and only artist


    that he will work in his favour only if he works in my favour


    all of them are ideas with which I live and work and in which I believe


    all of them were ideas open also for Vladimir Macura


    I expected him to understand and accept them


    I expected that he will print the forth Miroslav Mandic book


    I expected that he will be interested and that he will help me

    with the Bud of All Beings which I was preparing last year


    none of those expectations he didn’t meet


    I broke up with Vladimir Macura on 12th November 2009


    after that Vladimir left for me twice 50 Euros in the confectionery

    and on 26th December 2009 we met again


    today I walked for him from 2961388th to 2972385th step


    I told him all of this during the lunch so that

    our disagreement would be creative and not destructive


    I suggested to him that everything I gave him he gives to somebody who will with it

    like with a seed start off Miroslav Mandic Museum or to give it back to me


    I suggested to him that nothing from my work

    wouldn’t be in his museum apart from my absence

    this is a great idea that and work that I will continue with others as well


    I suggested to him that our next meetings if there will be more of them be

    festivities of meetings


    I told him that the money he is giving me is going towards Vladimir Macura Bud and

    that I would love if he would feel that the money he is giving me

    is bringing him more money


    I’m now near BIGZ building. I moved here when I came to Belgrade in January 1986


    I expect everything


    I sympathise with other people’s expectations


    in the end three beggar women on Ban’s Hill

    took away all money – in the God’s glory and dear to God may you be



    2015. day
    8th July 2010

    when one believes in an idea and when the idea

    is lived the idea is God otherwise it’s just a surrogate of sadness


    art is setting free all beings


    art is freedom to all beings


    art is the struggle of freedom for all beings


    creation of creation


    breathing of breathing


    singing of singing


    man as a species doesn’t understand that they are hurting God


    when a man understands it he/she instantly transforms into God


    God is life


    man is death


    I hop and there’s eternity


    I wrote several times that I’m the best


    to some people I’ve been telling that I’m the best


    people are mostly repulsed by it because they have a notion they are

    the best and if they admit they are the best they would be worst and rejected


    I don’t know if anybody believed I’m the best


    did anybody experienced why am I the best. how am I

    the best. when am I the best. to whom am I the best


    best air


    best dandelion


    the best one is immortality


    there is a lot of the best ones and the really best one is the best

    there who is and how he/she is the best


    the best one is the best to all beings


    through the best one all beings live


    through the best one everything that is created is being created


    through the best one every just born youngling is love-kissed


    the best one is Your love that is completely excepting the best one


    the best one looks at Your face


    the best one makes You the best one


    the best man is the best woman


    the best one is God


    singing sings all beings


    singing is the poem to all beings


    singing is appeasement of the poem for all beings



    2016. day
    9th July 2010

    Miroslav Mandic is Leon Miodrag Lazarov Pashu of Leon Miodrag Lazarov Pashu


    Miroslav Mandic a poem of everybody’s name


    Miroslav Mandic a little shell


    Miroslav Mandic a starry sky to all beings


    Miroslav Mandic beloved beggars


    Miroslav Mandic art of art


    Miroslav Mandic poem to the poem


    Miroslav Mandic walking to the walking


    Miroslav Mandic bravery of the brave


    Miroslav Mandic earth to earth


    Miroslav Mandic water to water


    Miroslav Mandic air to the air


    Miroslav Mandic light to the light


    Miroslav Mandic modesty to the modesty


    Miroslav Mandic love to the love


    Miroslav Mandic one of everything


    Miroslav Mandic one to everything


    Miroslav Mandic same of the same


    Miroslav Mandic speakable of the unspeakable


    Miroslav Mandic serenity of the being


    Miroslav Mandic first word to every word


    Miroslav Mandic all of Your words in every word of mine


    Miroslav Mandic language of language


    Miroslav Mandic pussy to dick


    Miroslav Mandic dick to pussy


    Miroslav Mandic path of the paths


    Miroslav Mandic bud of buds


    Miroslav Mandic I of I


    Miroslav Mandic You of You


    Miroslav Mandic Miroslav Mandic of Miroslav Mandic


    Miroslav Mandic Yours Miroslav Mandic


    Miroslav Mandic art of God


    Miroslav Mandic God of poem



    2017. day
    10th July 2010

    I praise You Miroslav Mandic praising


    I praise You Miroslav Mandic thankfulness


    thankfulness to Miroslav Mandic praise for praising me


    thankfulness to Miroslav Mandic praise for my praising of everything


    thankfulness to Miroslav Mandic praise because I praise You


    thankfulness to Miroslav Mandic thank you for my thanking


    Miroslav Mandic praise I beg of You just praise


    Miroslav Mandic thank you I beg of You just be thankful


    you’re welcome Miroslav Mandic I beg You to pray


    you’re welcome Miroslav Mandic I beg You just pray


    not a technique at all – just a courage


    not a style at all – just love


    I’m wiping sweat of my forehead and eyebrows


    everything continues as if it was created for the first time and as it won’t exist any more


    only the one does everything for everybody


    only the one love-kisses everything


    a path leads me to You – a path leads me towards myself – a path leads me to God


    a path is God


    I love-kiss You my words that are writing me


    I play God’s games with language games


    I love-kiss you knees


    I love-kiss You love-kissing


    red t-shirt in which the dye keeps running I’m wearing

    for the last time. I’ll make it into the floor sweeping cloth


    singing is one – singing to the one


    I sing Miroslav Mandic


    I dance Miroslav Mandic


    I surrender to Miroslav Mandic


    I receive Miroslav Mandic


    You are calling me Miroslav Mandic


    I’m taking an oath to Miroslav Mandic


    I’m writing about Miroslav Mandic because Miroslav Mandic is my consciousness


    I sing Miroslav Mandic from nothing and that’s why Miroslav Mandic is exciting


    I sing Miroslav Mandic

    You dance Miroslav Mandic

    we are breathing Miroslav Mandic



    2019. day
    12th July 2010

    it’s hot


    heat is poetry of today’s day


    a fly has landed on the stone


    a fly is poetry of today’s day


    little spider has brought himself down his thread from the tree to the road


    little spider is poetry of today’s day


    I’m in the Universe


    Universe is in me


    Universe is poetry of every day


    it’s not easy to carry a whole Universe – it’s easiest


    it’s not easy to kiss all beings – it’s easiest


    it’s not easy to be God – it’s the only one


    I’m doing the most important job in the world


    I’m freeing myself from vanity


    I’m freeing Yourself from vanity


    I’m telling everybody that what I do is the most important thing in the world


    it got cloudy


    wind is picking up


    I’m always excited by the wind high up in the branches


    it’s starting to thunder


    it really rains – a boy in the water is shouting


    a being is open to all beings


    openness is a beings


    many beings are closing up towards the beings and they are dying within themselves


    I’m not sorry that I didn’t go in the water

    since I felt the joy of swimming in the blessings


    everything is opened up by the sense


    it’s been circled through the circling and through the circling is constantly opening itself


    I feel nice when I see a lizard


    thanks to the up-hills it’s more and more easy on the up-hills


    through dancing I’m whirling in everybody


    through singing I’m fluttering everyone


    it’s sunny again and on the stage of the day sultriness is coming on


    sultriness is poetry of today’s day



    2020. day
    13th July 2010

    a passage through Tuesday


    through the poetry of today’s day


    with smiled horses


    with gleeful mares


    happening happens


    I’ve put small stones around the cactus and live-forever


    a shadow of a plane is flying over the building roofs underneath me


    ... second... and third... and fourth and fifth lizard on the concrete stairs


    I looked up at the tree tops and I thought of all the forests when the phone rang


    Vesna phoned me with excited voice telling me

    she has been informed that water might be leaking from the Nest


    I’m running back to see what is it all about


    is it possible that I haven’t turned the water off in the bathroom after brushing my teeth

    or in the kitchen after I let the water run in the bowl in which I’m cooling mineral water


    my heart is pounding. I’m rushing even on the up-hills. I’m sweating


    I feel miserable. I’m unsure off myself


    I’m walking slowly. the taps were closed. nothing is leaking from the Nest

    even though on the ceiling in the hallway drops of water have appeared


    it’s hard to be poetry in Tuesday of poetry


    I was on this spot in the forest when I started to run back


    I’m enjoying the white horse that is grazing the grass


    I’m calming down – calming down is my job


    only poetry respects the importance of everything in this world


    I live for poetry – I work for poetry – I’m gardening through the poetry


    many other things are enjoying only in themselves


    many would get rid of poetry so that only important thing would be

    just what is important to them


    if it wasn’t for poetry I wouldn’t be compassionate with

    this plastic juice bottle that was thrown away in the grass


    daily bread is extraordinary bread


    in my early youth I’ve been accused that I’m incapable for life


    I didn’t want to be capable for life but rather just to be


    it’s easy to provoke a feeling of guilt in me


    endure endure endure


    overcome the feeling of guilt by accepting

    the greatest sin – the sin of non-acceptance of sin


    through rejecting the condemnation and accepting the sin

    freedom begins to germinate in the hearts of all beings


    I would love to know the name of the main character of the film Miracle in Milan


    I collected twenty or so large cherry plums from the concrete stairs

    I gave several to Mrs Svilar who lives underneath me and who phoned Vesna about the water



    2021. day
    14th July 2010

    14th July 1971


    photos of my face since then


    once a month








    thirty nine years


    today I’ll make 468th photo of One Man


    same like this hot day was back then in Venice




    first photo




    every time I endure I endure because somebody else before me has endured


    whenever I endure I give it to somebody so that they could endure as well


    I love-kiss You young man who have taken a photo of your face

    on 14th July 1971 so that I could take a photo of my face today


    I love-kiss You because back then You have surrendered and devoted Yourself

    to the unknown


    because You were heading on somewhere not knowing where it is leading You


    just surrendering just surrendering


    I always feel good when I sense that You find what I write beautiful


    today I went later for a walk and now I’m walking on the strongest sun


    what existed before God is God again









    I folded the shirt and I put it on my head and it sure feels good


    I enjoy these words that are coming out of me beaming love to all beings


    love is constant love making


    with the first photo of One Man

    all other 468 photos have already happened


    with every photo all others are also happening


    that’s how it is in everything


    all words are within the first word


    all movements are within the first movement


    all days and years are in a spermatozoid


    beauty of the firstness is that it constantly happens and repeats





    2022. day
    15th July 2010

    sweating is starting from the morning while sitting at the desk


    sweat of poetry


    there is no even poetry without sweating


    nor joke without seriousness


    in the woods I say white butterfly come and white butterfly flies in


    shirt on my head really helps me in the strong sun


    I was in the water for a long time. I would like to be even more


    to be in the water is like some kind of return to the beginning


    tenderness towards the mother


    constant wedding


    in the water I think slowly


    I think with pleasure


    I’m giving birth without pain


    I’m becoming water


    I’m slowly rolling myself – I’m making love with water


    water enjoys in me


    I would like if You would watch me swimming


    I’m maintaining my upright position and then I immerse myself and surface


    big baby in the water


    I’m passing through the woods


    everything is so elemental


    I want You soil


    I admire You water


    I love-kiss You air


    I adore You light


    I’ll buy tomatoes


    I want You


    I’ll buy olives


    I admire You


    I’ll buy mayonnaise


    I love-kiss You


    margarine and bread I have from yesterday


    I adore You



    2023. day
    16th July 2010

    I should meet up with Branka. in the afternoon with Sun

    in the evening with Vladimir. as well as to do everything I’m supposed to

    do for the Friday of poetry... to walk 13 kilometres... to write 33 blessings...


    I hear my thoughts in sounds of my sandals on macadam road


    I was with Branka and Adam


    I walked almost 12 kilometres


    I was twice in the water


    in freedom


    water became unclear from the heat


    but it bathed and drained me today as well


    when I get to the apartment I’ll take a shower. I’ll make a coffee

    I’ll try to write in a hurry the rest of the blessings because Sun will

    come in a little while to put the mosquito net on the other window as well


    I’m sitting at the desk. Sun is coming in twenty or so minutes

    that’s how much I have left to get down to the end of this day


    I don’t like to do anything in a hurry


    beauty is slowness


    I put too much water in the coffee


    I was walking for few days on the strong sun and my nose is red


    nose is a funny thing


    I love noses


    big noses with large nostrils


    I find horse nostrils particularly beautiful


    noses are working harder than we are aware of


    same goes for ears and eyes and skin and tongue


    when I take a shower after walking and start

    wiping my face I feel how my eyes are tired


    I’m pressing them with a towel and rub them

    to refresh them and make the blood circulate


    eyes have walked a lot


    ears have walked a lot


    nose has walked a lot


    skin has walked a lot


    tongue has walked a lot


    Teo Marijana and Sun have come


    some more walking and meeting with Vladimir


    afterwards a bit more walking


    the day is gone


    tomorrow the same


    and that’s how everything is the same




    2024. day
    17th July 2010

    last night I had a dinner with Ana David Vladimir and Dagmar Moser


    afterwards I went for a walk with Dagmar who I saw for the first time in my life and

    we talked for two hours – it was one of the most beautiful nights in 61 years of my life

    my loyalty I love-kiss You loyally


    that’s how it was my friend


    poetry itself for You my friend


    poetry for everyone who cares for poetry


    a young man is training football on the concrete pitch at the

    highest heat. at one moment he kicked the ball aiming to hit the crossbar

    of the goal and he made it. I shouted to him well done. he just smiled shyly


    well done hot day – hot day as well shyly smiled


    I love-kiss You chaste shyness


    to calm down over and over again


    greatest passions are coming out of the tranquillity


    greatest tranquillity is coming out of the passion


    I swam for a long time


    caressing the water


    swam across the lake


    now I’m drinking a bit of wine and I’m writing at the desk


    in the evening I’ll drink with Petar a bit more of

    tenth Petar Miloradovic’s wine

    that Petar will bring


    through music


    love is constantly thirsty of love


    some boy is running somewhere


    I’d love to make Three Day Festival of Miroslav Mandic Art for Dagmar Moser


    first day

    Life of Miroslav Mandic and Miroslav Mandic Life


    second day

    Poetry and Art of Miroslav Mandic


    third day

    Miroslav Mandic God Sex and Money


    some boy is still running


    some boy is constantly running


    some boy is running always and forever


    let’s dance


    face to face


    with one heart




    everything to all beings


    poetry for everyone who can’t live without poetry


    198th blessing of this week in 198th day of this year



    2026. day
    19th July 2010

    everyone I loved I love even more


    I would love if everybody who I loved love even more


    I love and I sing – I love and I sing


    if someone knows M. D. S. please tell her that in

    the summer of 1971 she gave me three lessons of love not even knowing that

    she did that and that’s why I think of her as a great professor of love


    love-kissing is rare


    even more rare are those who have surrendered in order to be love-kissed


    help me to love


    I only want to love


    when I was a little boy I constantly wanted to play


    now I constantly want to love








    all beings







    to all beings

    to youmyslef

    to godgod




    summer fuckings summer lightings


    writing is the risk of writing girl-friend


    singing is the bravery of love-kissing boy-friend


    intransigence of love inspires me


    incorruptibility of fucking makes me votive


    great love workers are surrendering in order to be loved


    great poets of love are love-kissing unloved ones

    and those who have surrendered in order to be loved


    call me by my name – fuck me


    marvellous swearing is nourishing all beings


    Dagmar returned to Vienna


    I took a photo of Dagmar like myself


    face of Dagmar Moser is the face of Miroslav Mandic


    one is the face


    I’m celebrating Violeat’s thirty seventh birthday with Violeta


    loyalty permeates all beings


    I love You



    2027. day
    20th July 2010

    I love-kiss You with the scent of warm grass – I love-kiss you warm grass


    I love-kiss You with the scent of moist forest – I love-kiss you moist forests


    I love-kiss You with the taste of wild plums – I love-kiss You wild plum


    my art – one is the art


    Your love – one is the love


    our God – one is the God


    when I entered the water I felt its goodness


    I stayed for a long time in the water. I watched under the water

    I saw few little jelly-fishes


    several swallows have flown next to my head flying just above the water


    in the forest I felt love in everything and love for everything


    one sex has been permeating everything that was surrounding me


    I felt

    earth is my mother

    water is my mother

    air is my mother

    light is my mother


    I was thinking

    earth is my wife

    water is my wife

    air is my wife

    light is my wife


    I was love-kissing since

    earth is my wanted daughter

    water is my yearned daughter

    air is my beloved daughter

    light is my only daughter


    crying of all beings fills my lungs


    I cry through a poem


    You are my girl forever


    in Your eyes I see love through which You love-kiss me always and forever


    immortal love is in every word of mine





    I wrote in a letter to a young friend of mine who is withstanding some hard exercises so as Miroslav would withstand



    pussy is more than anybody can imagine what is pussy


    pussy is more than anybody can fell what is pussy


    pussy gave birth to me so as some other pussy would give birth to You for me


    I am born for You You are born for me


    one is the path one is the rose



    I love-kiss forty year old woman who phoned me half an hour ago and said joking

    that she will kill herself because she feels more and more how all of that she was taught in school was lie


    every word of mine You can love-kiss


    from every word of mine You can create me just for yourself


    through every word of mine You can love-kiss all beings around You


    I don’t have You because You are


    I don’t have You because I don’t have property


    love is giving


    constant surrendering



    2028. day
    21st July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson


    butterfly flew close to my temples and caressed my sorrow and the sorrow disappeared


    I looked at young green leaves and I felt happiness


    along the forest path I am spinning for the happiness of all beings


    I was swimming crawl one round in the middle of the lake


    I was working slowly with the legs


    swingings of arms I made even slower


    through water glasses I was observing my turns


    slow crawl I could swim very long


    in my childhood that was hard for me


    now that is my joy


    with my joy I am giving a respect to the water


    water is pledging me to the goodness


    big body is weightless and all the movements are light


    water is sliding down my skin


    the sun is strong and every next sinking into water pleases me


    while I was swimming I was thinking on jumping in

    water which I adored in my childhood and in my youth


    I was thinking how to write my autobiography


    I haven't went out of water for a long period. I was just sinking myself in it


    I am climbing up the stairs slowly and silently in order not to disturb the lizards


    few days ago I agreed with my girl-friend to make our meeting solemn.

    but it wasn't solemn. it was casual. I wrote her that in an email. she wrote me back yes, I know, it wasn't solemn. but I don't know why... I don't know what are the real reasons. I was really missing you. and I was missing our conversations


    we are trying to not know the things that are not good even if we actually know them


    I would like more and more of solemnity


    solemnity is the memory of paradise


    solemnity is immortality


    I am really exhausted by the sun and by the water


    my nose started to peel


    I thought gently about snow


    I am sleepy


    I am hungry


    I have to hurry up


    I am helpless


    helplessness is protecting me


    I am love-kissing You my helplessness




    2029. day
    22nd July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson


    I was walking. I was swimming. I was hiding my nose from sun


    another twenty days and the summer will be gone


    after few years, beginning from today, I won't

    bear rings and beads anymore at least for a while


    rings and beads I will put on altar


    I like to construct altar


    it is alike I am constructing a world


    everything to be on one place and everything to be able to fit the hand


    regardless of my mortality I believe in the immortality


    regardless of weapons I believe in the peace


    regardless of the ownership I believe in the ownershiplessness


    regardless of the regardlessness I believe in regards for all beings


    spontaneity is consistent


    consistency is spontaneous


    rings and beads had helped me a lot


    my hand was more present


    more solemn


    more dancy


    writing it is dancing


    writing is a gratitude to writing








    regardless of many I I believe in the one and only I




    I is a home of all beings


    I am a heart of all beings


    I hope I will enjoy for a while without rings and beads


    I will not dance I will be the dance itself






    I am enjoying a lot in writing in order that the ones that are now suffering suffer less


    I am enjoying in the beauty of words in order that the ones that are now dying in wars stop dying






    2030. day
    23rd July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson



    at the beginning of walking I had a trouble with my eyes


    I couldn't see clearly


    it came by itself and it went by itself


    i am approaching the water


    I am taking off the shirt


    I am walking along the rocky shore


    I am leaving things next to the water


    I am spreading the shirt to dry from my sweat and I am putting rock on it not to fly away


    I am taking out the water glasses and suppositories for the ears


    I am taking off my sandals


    I am taking off my glasses and I am putting them on my sandals


    I am taking off my short pants and I am spreading them also to dry


    I am leaving my dictaphone...


    I came out from the water. I dried my ears with my shirt


    I am standing on my shirt in order to dry my feet. I am putting on my sandals. I go


    in the forest on the concrete stairs I will take off my wet bathing suit and I will put on my pants


    while I was crossing asphalt road I have felt the goodness of the warmth


    I have changed my cloths. I am on my way through the forest


    water is dropping from my hear along my back


    while I was watching yesterday on television how

    Contador and Schleck were fighting for the top of the Pyrenees I was crying


    one's efforts and one's goodness always make me cry


    I am thinking how did people swim in the far past


    I am thinking how did they walk and how did they love-kiss


    I am delta of all loves that had ever existed


    whoever was loving s/he is in me


    I am writing with love from everyone that have ever loved


    when I write the word water in there is love from all the ones that have loved water


    when I write the word thought in there is love from all the ones that have loved thoughts


    starts climbing on 166 stairs on which are my lizards


    I hope that lizards feel that I love them


    yesterday I felt that in a split second


    I hope that all beings hear the beneficial music of my feet


    all loves in the music of my stamping



    2031. day
    24th July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson


    as soon as I started going I saw it – the flower grown out of the concrete


    who do you love-kiss – who does love-kiss You – the flower in the concrete


    I love-kiss You – I am devoted to You – my flower – the paradise in the concrete


    I am walking through Kosutnjak – I am all the time in the forest


    in the forest I have met one rose


    it was sixty two years old madam Rose


    madam Rose is walking to strengthen her heart. I have enjoyed her cheerfulness and her healthy smile


    Rose has shown me the roads through the forest. we sat on a bench to rest

    we talked nicely. if we meet again in the forest that will be God – I said to her


    when we separated I noticed that my

    dictaphone dropped. I went back and I found it on the bench


    even though I am first time in Her – the forest is completely surrendering herself to me


    in the forest is alike in the water. I am all the time walking and all the time I am in the forest


    through the forest I murmur (foresting)


    forest paths are so soft and so giving


    we are permeating ourselves and we are circulating ourselves


    competition is disgusting


    I have gone – forgive me if you haven't understood me


    I have gone – forgive me if you haven't discovered yourself in me


    I have gone – forgive me that I have ever thought that I am everything for You


    here are coming first drops of rain


    on this place was killed duke Mihajlo


    I is God – You is the winner


    I am Miroslav Mandic – You are the winner


    I was drinking cold water from the Hajduk's drinking fountain


    as much more I love the ups, the ups more love me


    on the big up I have felt I am love-kissing the nerves in the spine of every single being


    I am love-kissing You abstraction – sanctity of agreement


    I love-kiss you circles – the art of supervention


    I love-kiss you beauty – the ball of simplicity


    I love-kiss You forest – the rose of the forest paths


    forests, I am glad you are – the wooded, wait for me


    I am quivering in the hearts


    I am walking in the minds


    I am singing with my stomach




    2033. day
    26th July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson


    yesterday Amica told me about Nataša who had adopted Ema and Millon


    I am admiring to You, Nataša


    I am admiring to everyone who receive the other into themselves


    a mother dog which had adopted kittens


    a thought which had adopted the other thought


    a what which had adopted a how – a how which had adopted a who


    everyone who had adopted the opus of the other man


    more which had adopted more more more


    the receiving – maternity of giving. The accepting – shelter of receiving


    I am went


    by this









    Millon, beautiful boy, take care of Ema and Nataša

    the music of this blessing is taking care of You forever


    I am adopting you my adopters


    I am adopting You the giving


    I am adopting You the receiving






    all beings are love-kissed






    all beings are love-kissing






    all beings are eternal



    h oda m




    ode of walking ode of joy


    the music of all beings is in the freedom of all beings


    the music of the rain worms


    the music of the things


    music of the conscience


    I am receiving You, the receiving


    I am giving to You, the giving


    all in one is




    2034. day
    27th July 2010

    ever since Ally's health problems started and I went to Scotland

    English translations are sometimes late and I'm sorry about that

    I hope Ally will get better actually I hope he will soon regain his health

    and blessings in English won't be late

    following few days blessings will be translated by Branka Zgonjanin

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson  

    the taste of the first sip of coffee


    the art of every second


    the art of all beings


    rub out my feet


    with the bud


    with the moment


    the art of the moment is in singing (with) the moment



    tren trenu tren




    in the moment lives eternity


    only the moment can receive in itself the eternity


    only every being carries in itself all beings


    suspenders from a good boy are singing


    alone on the road


    alone rose





    dodir dodiru dodir




    rub out my knees


    with the bud


    with the moment


    Miroslav Mandic art


    84600 small circles


    84600 seconds


    the circle of every day


    of every moment


    singing Miroslav Mandic


    rub out my thighs


    with the bud


    with the moment


    you are singing to me


    and the foot and the knees and the thighs


    with the bud