Bog Miroslav Mandić Bog





    1942. day
    26th April 2010

    I went outside. threw out the garbage. looked at the sky and saw three swallows


    yellow dandelions between the asphalt and the wall


    thrown away peanut shells


    I’m going to get a haircut. I had my last haircut on 6th October. I love rhythms


    magnolia flowers are falling off. drying on the asphalt


    I think good for good thoughts


    I’m walking on top of my feet for good thoughts


    I’m smiling at grass for good thoughts


    I admire everybody who exposes themselves to the others

    warm greetings to the contestants of reality show The Farm that I watch with pleasure every evening


    I love the fact that You also love every particle


    yellow dandelions are irresistible


    on my way to the barber I pass the wooden fence

    through the passage that is completely covered in greenery


    I got my haircut. I feel the wind around my ears


    lettuce seller tricked me in a following way. several people was

    buying the lettuce. I bought three each costing twenty dinars. he didn’t have

    change to give me back so he sent his wife to brake the note. when the woman returned

    I gave him two hundred dinars and reminded him sixty dinars. energetically and politely

    he gave me back fifty dinars and said you will give me ten dinars some other time

    that’s how he confused me and didn’t give back hundred dinars more


    lettuce is fabulous


    I’m thankful to the seller because I’m writing these blessings


    I thank him because he warned me that I should be more concentrated while buying and

    that I should think of some way how to prevent this happening again

    because it started to happen


    I wink at the lettuce seller because of the skill with which

    he passed the ball through my legs


    I wink at him because made a donkey out of me and

    it feels good to see that I’m a donkey too


    that for a lot of things I don’t have skills but

    that in the end I don’t care for any kind of skill


    people are so afraid of not being fooled that they are not aware how school or state

    makes fools of themselves to the unbearable extend – by stimulating

    their desires and vanities


    I’m grateful to mister lettuce seller because for a moment he cut off my vanity and that’s

    worth much more than ninety dinars which he didn’t give me back

    or hundred and eighty dinars as the haircut cost


    by being afraid of being ridiculed we become huge donkeys


    my swallow I love You since you agree with being ridiculed


    my elephant I love You since You agreed

    thousand and six hundred times to be a donkey


    donkey of eternal youth


    beloved Robert Bresson


    I just wash the lettuce and don’t put any spices over it


    wind is bending the grass over


    sun is drying my washed bed linen


    kissing just kissing


    Gimpel the Fool


    buds buds of good thoughts



    1943. day
    27th April 2010

    wind in the lilacs


    I wink the jauntiness to You


    it’s the same in the depth of ocean and the depth of Universe


    life starts every moment through goodness


    You don’t even know for a lot of those that are kissing You


    people discover themselves in their children – grandchildren – great grandchildren


    I do it in God-You-all beings and creation


    God-You-all beings and my poem it is all the same


    a throat of modesty


    careful eyes


    wind in the lilacs – lilacs within me


    I wink You


    hundred walkings – 1.304 kilometres – 1.863.923 steps


    numbers – swarms of loyalty


    I hear the wind – leaves of magnolia are trembling


    I’m walking slowly and watching the leaves


    You don’t live from leaves – You are immortal from leaves


    depth is founding its peace in surface – surface is finding its inspiration in depth


    ocean have yawned in the jaws of this dog


    I am an airport of goodness. all beings are taking off towards the goodness from me


    lilacs lilacs lilacs


    I’m singing with heels within the soul of every being


    when I jauntily turn my head and look on anything

    I immediately clean myself from the necessity


    through kissing I join the trees that constantly kiss all beings


    wind is in my shirt


    I saw You already fading – pink rose – in Knez Danilova street


    rose singers – my embraces


    silent streets full of trees are temples of one and only city religion


    I’m walking – this is the role of the wind in liberation of people from history


    I’m walking – this is the history of winds within the joy of all beings

    while I was saying this blessing I could have been hit by a taxi since I went along the green light

    I saw across the street and I overlooked the red light on the isle of the pedestrian crossing


    encounter of words clarifies that words are by their nature an encounter


    at the end of the hundred walking I saw first red roses buds of this year



    1944. day
    28th April 2010

    Without opening your door,

    you can know the whole world.

    Lao Tzu in forty seventh chapter


    Less and less remains

    until you arrive at non-action.

    When you arrive at non-action, nothing will be left undone.

    Mastery of the world is achieved by letting things take their natural course.

    Lao Tzu in forty eight chapter


    Dear Miroslav,

    exactly at 01.05 after midnight I turned out to be 20.000th bud!

    Long Live the Humour! Yours Srdjan

    this e-mail from Srdjan Valjarevic waited for me this morning


    do bud and bud buds – for Your and all being’s joy and health


    does that one your woman exist?

    a close person asked me yesterday in an e-mail


    I am alone for the past four and a half years


    since I was nineteen I was alone for twenty two years


    I love to live and work with a woman


    I love ideals – virtues – getting along – dying within the other


    arguing is horror – death


    in order not to argue with people I didn’t withdraw but I opened up myself to all beings


    all beings are getting along and in harmony


    never against somebody – always only for everybody


    even though I’m alone I more and more live with the One

    with the same woman I lived with all my life


    even though She is not around I couldn’t live without Her


    even though She is not around She exists


    even though She is not around She with me every moment


    it will be wonderful if my woman appears

    it will be the most wonderful as it pleases God – You and all beings


    I live and work as if You were already here


    You can feel it in Miroslav Mandic too







    all beings


    art of Miroslav Mandic







    all beings


    Miroslav Mandic poem




    all beings

    Miroslav Mandic

    one and only love

    one and only sex

    one and only family

    one and only wedding


    I wish all beings to be with all beings


    I wish every being to be love to every being


    sex of eternal loyalty of all beings


    sex of creating love for all beings


    sex of dying within the immortality of all beings


    I’m alone

    but two words that are the same

    (in Serbian it’s written the same but stressed differently and with different meaning: sam sam)


    one word

    but two of them within it


    everything exists because You exist


    I’m watching you in the eyes – You are my love – You are the love of all beings


    after these blessings I’m even more with You who I live with all my life



    1945. day
    29th April 2010

    I’m moved – I’m thinking of water that flows into another water


    I’m still moved – I’m thinking of the goodness that is flowing into another goodness


    feeling of being moved doesn’t stop – I love when the word flows

    flows into the word flows


    I’m all for good words and all words are good


    cold air in a sunny day


    interesting is everything that is for me and not what is interesting


    would doctors love if all people were well


    would those who produce weapons love if there was no war


    creation is constant merging – merging of nonexistent


    I’m walking and eating cream cake – come whenever You like for a cream cake


    you really knocked it out. way to go. eat it from your soul – an old loafer

    told me when he saw me eating my cream cake with such pleasure


    I’m happy because of the photo I will put on the web site with Ruzica’s permission

    I wish to call somebody and tell them that but the dice tells me not to call anybody


    I unbutton my shirt on the sun. in the shade I button it up


    some of the buttons I should sew on again with a thread


    the beauty of this sweet cherry tree has stopped me so as I would look at it in peace


    I bought olive oil – just to let You know


    with the lake of every blessing I guard You


    I kiss You in everything


    through everything I give myself to You


    by kissing You – I’m kissing everything. by kissing everything – I’m kissing You


    I feel You in my hips


    You are the joy in the small of my back


    one acquaintance – now prize winning writer – looked away

    when he saw me. I’m grateful to him because he saved me from unnecessary words


    hundred meters afterwards I bumped into

    Jaroslav Draslar. we were happy to see each other

    I love the fact that I met You Jaroslav


    I’m watching her how she is leaning against the wall of the hairdressing salon

    with the cigarette in her hand and watching the woman who is crossing the street

    with the child in her arms










    of one love










    poem is everything that one poem wants to sing to the other poem


    to every poem


    to the poem itself


    to the very








    1946. day
    30th April 2010

    first hot day of the year


    I’m tired but this street roaming relaxes me


    it’s magnificent this leg after leg moving ahead


    days of thirst are beginning


    yesterday I cut into the nail on the left hand with a knife

    so now I keep on catching the clothes with it


    I’m thirsty. I’m sleepy. I’m worn out. I don’t have what to write about


    the fact that I don’t have what to write about is exciting


    it’s even more exciting that I’ll be writing even though I don’t have what to write about


    there will be some strength even though I don’t have any


    beauty won’t deceive me the same way I’m not deceiving it


    yesterday’s joys have worn me out


    joys have been working for me – now I’m working for joys


    I don’t have any joy at the moment but that is a great joy as well


    I took a photo of myslef next to the graffiti

    I’m ashamed, therefore I exist

    because I respect it’s author


    baby potatoes are soon going to come


    I love everyone who is a potato to somebody else


    who is a lettuce to the lettuce


    beans to beans


    rest to rest


    life lives from the other


    love lives for the other


    I picked up a round pebble from the street


    not a single stone has a heart of stone


    the wisdom of the stones advises everybody that their hart shouldn’t be out of stone


    stones are calm


    stones are quiet


    whoever threw a stone on somebody else they didn’t throw

    a stone but themselves and they also hit themselves


    stone is everything to me and I am everything to the stone


    stones see everything and everybody but others rarely see them

    that’s why they are so calm


    many people behave as if everybody is watching only them

    and that’s why people are not calm


    many people do everything to be watched and they live out of that


    I bought two lettuces and picked up one radish of the ground


    when I enter the Nest I take out everything from my pockets. I wash my hands and face

    I soak the lettuce in a big pot. I sit in front of the computer and I download

    all blessings from the Dictaphone. I send them to Violeta to edit

    and Ivana to translate them. I take a shower...

    then it’s time for the lettuce


    59TH TIME 33 DAYS

    1947. day
    1st May 2010

    I hope I don’t get ill


    last night it started with the nose and tonight it carried on with sweating


    it’s easier now that I wrote it


    beloved Elder Porphyrios never prayed for his health because he was ashamed


    it’s Saturday. it’s fifteen degrees outside. it will be up to thirty


    it’s first of May. Labour Day. I don’t know if the shops are opened


    I’m walking in my Crocs shoes through my garden – Universe


    the swallows are high. I don’t know if I manage to take a photo of them


    I hear them shrieking in their fast flight


    I always feel good with swallows


    everybody feels good with swallows


    I’m enjoying the smell of cut grass. I regret that I haven’t

    lay in the grass and watched the sky more in my life


    I believe that the same tone can be heard in every blessing of Miroslav Mandic


    music of one tone


    she gently caressed his bare shoulder and then even more gently kissed him


    I just remembered that I forgot to soak the lettuce


    these kind of things also happen to me – I take the calculator and pedometer

    and unconsciously swop their places so in the morning I can’t find the pedometer


    but enjoying while waiting for the lights to turn green

    leaning on the metal post is what I do the best


    or in this awareness about the uniqueness of every step that I make


    uniqueness of this inhale


    uniqueness of this exhale


    since every inhale is already unique with every breath I take

    I inhale the Universe and all beings


    since every exhale is already unique with every exhale

    I exhale the Love for the Universe and all beings


    I’m walking peacefully after previous two blessings


    I’m sorry that I didn’t take a photo of the woman who

    gently touched and kissed her man’s shoulder


    it’s natural to love technology – it’s written on a billboard

    that advertises Technology Fair. what is repulsive in marketing

    and advertising is that they are abusing all centuries old knowledge


    advertising billboards are the anthology of stolen human spirit


    I hope that lemon and propolis with Echinacea will help me


    I’m watching Your terrace but You are not there


    when in ecstasy I’m God


    in tranquillity all beings


    between ecstasy and tranquillity I’m You


    hallo love – said the fruit selling woman who already addressed

    me in such a way when she saw word love on my temple



    1949. day
    3rd May 2010

    I live for You


    I am Your Miroslav Mandic take away


    God I feel You within me – it’s me – a poem of all beings


    beggars love in divine way


    people are stealing each other’s energies in all kinds of ways


    through knowledge. violence. ideologies. through playing up to somebody. getting ill

    through lies. charming through sorrow. through anger. intimidation. through seduction

    through promises. betrayals. through ridiculing. through motherhood. through fatherhood


    most of the people are stealing energy


    rare people are creating energy. even more rare are those who are giving it away

    but only one is creating enough energy for everybody


    all beings are in one


    through all beings horror transforms into the goodness


    every word is gratitude for the grace with which I say every word


    through every word I shelter myself within the heart of all beings


    through every word I shelter the heart of every being


    harmony of contradictions


    contradiction of harmony


    if a poet is the shepherd of the words then a poem is his donkey


    every word within his poem is his shepherd’s stick


    I am a stick of writing


    parks are spreading large amounts of gentleness


    every time is the best time for real time


    I love to take it from one spot and then circle circle circle around it

    until the moment in which thinking becomes poetry


    I miss you sea


    I love to start from the circle and to circle circle into the

    one spot until my thinking becomes poetry


    an old man is pulling heavy cart up the hill


    heart to heart


    a dog is watching towards the open window and the man

    who is coming towards him is greeting him with lifted eyebrows


    wind is swinging tree branches – beings love to caress other beings


    either you caress or you steel


    caress me God is constantly saying to the mankind


    caress me – a man is sometimes saying to God


    lift me up – a white round pebble told me


    take me as well – said the other round pebble



    1950. day
    4th May 2010

    God’s beauty created with goodness


    God’s goodness kissed by beauty


    I don’t know how to connect this page with internet

    so as these addresses from previous two blessings become blue


    nobody and nothing save love


    somebody and something kills love


    sometimes one can love only if they are nobody and nothing


    sometimes loneliness is the only way of kissing all beings


    nobody salt – nothing bread


    constantly loving love of unloved


    when I see that somebody’s joy makes others unhappy I’m ashamed to rejoice


    happiness you are happy only through happiness of all beings


    making an effort – kissing everything


    only a couple that loves each other in such way that they love everything is – love


    I’m ashamed because I think badly about some people


    I’m ashamed that I think about them at all instead of loving them


    only wining myself


    I would love to see rattans somewhere


    sometimes joy isn’t anything else but being worthy of somebody’s suffering


    I admire sufferers who are transforming their suffering into joy for others


    I really want success and love only within all beings


    for a moment I feel really ashamed from some thoughts of mine


    sometimes I feel life inside of me unbearable because it annuls somebody else’s life


    life wants to live. some beings cannot survive that

    and that’s why they cut their lives short


    this camomile helped me... here are first poppies of this year


    poppies are the testimony of my great love and great love suffering. I was

    twenty four. I watched them alongside the roads on my way to Germany


    beauty often lies behind the ugliness


    goodness often revives in a sinner


    sinner atones for the sins all of those that are not aware of their sins


    power kills the energy of other beings – helplessness steals the energy of other beings


    I’m thinking You like-mindedness


    Your suffering refined me

    dedicated to Gazmen Djogani and his last night’s sufferings


    I wish that after love suffering You love with all-love



    1951. day
    5th May 2010

    don’t worry


    I am the soles of all beings


    I am the feet of all beings


    I am the heels of all beings


    I am knees of all beings


    I am the bones of all beings


    I am the spine of all beings


    I am the pussy of all beings


    I am the dick of all beings


    I am the anus of all beings


    I am the belly of all beings


    I am the tits of all beings


    I am the arms of all beings


    I am the hands of all beings


    I am the fingers of all beings


    I am the neck of all beings


    I am the face of all beings


    I am the eyes of all beings


    I am the lips of all beings


    I am the nose of all beings


    I am ears of all beings


    I am the skin of all beings


    I am the blood of all beings


    I am the juices of all beings


    I am the heart of all beings


    I am the brain of all beings


    I am the soul of all beings


    I am the spirit of all beings


    I am the unknown of all beings


    I am the uncreated of all beings


    I am the name of all beings


    I am the humour of all beings


    don’t be afraid



    1952. day
    6th May 2010

    God is God in the heart of every word


    God is God — I'd love to get a tattoo on my left temple picture of the Universe soon


    God is God — I'd love to get a tattoo a word Bud on the left side of my neck


    God is God — I'm making a step


    God is God — I'm making a step — I'm supporting Your decision


    God is God — I'm making a step — I wish Your luck


    God is God because he's alone the most


    God is God because a lot of beings live for God and give their lives for Him


    God is God because of the swallow's wings


    God is God because of the clear water


    God is God because sea loves trees


    God is God because clear and good thoughts


    God is God because I love God


    God is God because through God everything is God


    God is God because through God everybody is God


    God is God because through God I am also God




    God is God because nobody pays Him for being God


    God is God because it doesn't pay off to anybody to be God


    God is God because with everybody's birth God is even more God


    God is God because with everybody's death God is even more God


    God is God because with every poem God is even more God


    God is God — it got cloudy


    God is God — wind is starting to blow stronger


    God is God — thunders


    God is God — first drops of rain


    God is God — a drop of rain on my temple


    God is God — wind is carrying the dust


    God is God because water is water


    God is God because Miroslav Mandic is Miroslav Mandic


    God is God because Miroslav Mandic is God


    God is God because You are God





    1953. day
    7th May 2010

    Bogdanka Poznanovic

    dedicated to Bogdanka and Dejan Poznanovic



    dedicated to forever



    dedicated to always


    dedicated to the freedom of all beings


    early morning

    dedicated to the early morning


    dew on the grass

    dedicated to the dew on the grass


    young nettle

    dedicated to the young nettle


    she bowed her head – a has a sore belly

    dedicated to the girl with a sore belly


    flute of air

    dedicated to the music of air


    goodness of the unexpected

    dedicated to the goodness of the unexpected


    soul of the machine

    dedicated to the soul of the machine


    forehead of the soles

    dedicated to the prayer-walking


    heal of the fingers

    dedicated to the prayer-writing


    belly-button of the bud

    dedicated to the prayer-creation


    silk of the mind

    dedicated to the cotton of nonviolence


    from the cup

    dedicated to the old times



    dedicated to the tears



    dedicated to the sparkles

  - sr|en|како да напишем оно што не знамevo

    dedicated to the Google Translate


    now I can write in English

    dedicated to the one and only – God’s – language


    to be compassionate for the lack of freedom of the powerful ones

    dedicated to the roses


    to be compassionate for the narrow-mindedness of the clever ones

    dedicated to the path


    to be compassionate for those who are mocking

    dedicated to the sincere ones


    to be compassionate for the brown-noses

    dedicated to the children’s effulgence


    to be compassionate for the hoity-toities

    dedicated to the innocent ones


    spilled tea

    dedicated to the common experiences


    experience of language

    dedicated to the lovers of language


    a kiss

    dedicated to the love workers



    dedicated to the eternal transiency and eternal newness



    dedicated to the alone one


    Miroslav Mandic

    dedicated to Your Miroslav Mandic



    dedicated to the well-intentioned



    dedicated to the oblates



    1954. day
    8th May 2010





    tears are tearing


    tears of tears


    road of tear


    tear of rose


    face of tear


    tear of soul


    tear of mind


    tears are pouring


    bathe me with you tears


    tear and dew




    tear is dewing




    dew is tearing


    love – tell me


    tear – love-kiss me


    yearning for a touch


    yearning for water


    yearning for air


    yearning for light


    tear of yearning








    transform me with tears of orgasm




    I gave an oath to life with the orgasm of tears


    healing through tears


    richness through tears


    joy through tears






    love – God’stear



    1956. day
    10th May 2010

    tear tears tear


    I’m walking over the grass of the football stadium in Zvezdara forest


    it’s soft


    the smell of grass relaxes me


    one fly is buzzing over my head


    there is nobody around


    glory glorifies glory


    acacia is blooming


    forest and me


    love and love forever


    I don’t know how to get out of here


    lizard run away behind concrete staircases


    I picked the acacia and I’m chewing it. it’s sweet

    reminds me of first summer swims in my youth


    idlers are guarding the memories of heavens


    forest path is still damp from yesterday’s rain


    I’m climbing slowly not to slip


    I love when the earth path winds


    there are cherries – they look red


    greenery has grown rapidly


    green greenery greens


    rooster is crowing while I’m taking a photo of the path


    path regenerates me – takes me into the centre


    earth path soft like grass


    path is filling me with joy


    I’m walking slowly so as to remain longer happy


    knees like soft paths. golden bug is crossing my path


    silk is silking the silk


    idlers are making world beautiful with their idling


    idler is idling an idler


    I’m thinking of house without the walls – house of infinity


    flies are flying around the dead bird that fell out of the nest


    I’m standing and watching the snail crossing over one little branch. I enjoy it’s

    speed. it doesn’t move but it progresses. it’s trace is gleaming. I love snails – they are

    teaching me to love. I will get off the grass path onto the asphalt in order not to step on

    a snail


    I started to translate Angelus Silesius’ The Cherub Wanderer

    this morning with Google-translate



    1957. day
    11th May 2010

    this is a picture


    this is music 


    this is a word 


    my steps are soft and quite 


    few drops of rain are joining me 


    sometimes is hard to write even a simplest blessing 


    the moment when it starts to rain. I don’t know if 

    it is just drops of rain or colder air or joy itself 


    I’m walking through walk – ohm 

    (in Serbian “through walk” or “with walk” is written “hodom” and “ohm” is written “om”,

    so “ohm” is actually a suffix “om”, and Miroslav wrote it with small hyphen: “hod-om”.

    same goes for all other cases)




    through God – ohm


    through woman – ohm


    loyal to the same – ohm


    the same is constantly changing and that’s how it is the same


    it delights me that with God is always ohm


    it delights me that with woman is always ohm


    it delights me that with a poem is always ohm


    with pepper – ohm. with lettuce – ohm. with bread – ohm


    with ball – ohm


    with abstraction – ohm

    I love You abstraction


    with information – ohm


    with an apple – ohm in the grass


    with grass – ohm


    with Miroslav – ohm and with You – ohm

    I exist because You exist


    with a rose – ohm and a bud – ohm


    from the large rosebush on the factory fence strong scent of big roses

    is spreading. through the scent of roses I am married with London roses


    London roses before I went on the Rose of Wandering hey


    with crown of the head – ohm

    a man

    with the sole – ohm


    with spirit – ohm

    with soul – ohm

    with body – ohm


    with rhythm-ohm – with rhyme-ohm


    with step-ohm – with house-ohm


    everything is the same to the loyal – ohm


    everything is loyal to the same – ohm


    every day is loyal






    1958. day
    12th May 2010

    lady-bird in front of my feet


    I exist so as everything else would exist


    by crossing on the other side of the street when I

    saw him in the distance I just acknowledged love for him


    I’m sorry that he won’t read today’s blessings


    those who I respect but I defer from them I don’t want to hurt with that difference


    I also don’t want to hurt anybody with my shyness


    nor with God


    nor with Universe in which I am


    nor with art that I create


    nor with Bud of All Beings


    nor with Miroslav Mandic


    nor with Miroslav Mandic


    he was in white shirt


    a boy


    I love him even more


    I meander through the streets




    old houses of poor people are being knocked down


    cheep radishes in cardboard boxes


    from this morning lettuce is cheaper


    four young hairdressers are sitting on the steps of the shop and smoking


    a boy in the white shirt is older than me


    he was walking youthfully and vigorously


    I wish You health and love my Young and Vigorous


    without confession there is no salvation – I read today in the

    book The Road into the Heavens of another boy Elder Cleopa


    all hands on her

    I took a photo of a doorknob on the old courtyard doors and imagined all hands that were on it


    I’m walking over the edge of the stone blocks




    a stone of beginning


    with every stone I’m on the very beginning


    every stone remembers everything












    you are on my tongue



    1959. day
    13th May 2010

    what knees are to legs elbows are to arms


    I’m going to look for a computer chair


    I have to choose between two of them. and I don’t know how

    to transport it. I’m thinking of taking it on my back


    it would probably be too difficult to carry it but if I

    carry it because of the blessings it would probably be easier


    carrying of the chair – it would be a really nice title


    hallo red roses – I say to the red roses on the fence


    every day is one work of art


    last night Srdjan told me that he carried his chair on his head

    from the shop to his apartment. but later on his head was hurting


    feat liberates but it also kills


    feat cleanses but it can also make you arrogant


    thin line is dividing good from bad


    even thinner line joins good with good


    I saw first chair on the Boulevard. now I’m going to the other one in Sindjeliceva street


    I bought the second one. paid. they will bring it to me till five


    no carrying. no feat


    feat without feat


    it’s Kaca Celan’s feat with whose money I bought the chair


    every day I sit on the chair I will think of Kaca Celan


    it’s nice that Srdjan for carrying the chair remains bigger hero


    I love chairs and I love the art of chair


    Kosuth’s chairs are for me one of the nicest art works


    few days ago I asked Srdjan to take a look at chairs in the shops

    since he needs it as well so he could buy them for the both of us


    now I’ll suggest Srdjan to buy the first one

    so that after some time we could swop


    carrying of the chair made me feel excited

    since I have foggy remembrance that I already did it


    to carry a chair


    to think the sneakers


    to believe in jauntiness


    I think I was carrying it through the town and taking photos of it but I remember

    even more that for some time I was absorbed in thought of doing it all over the world







    I saw Srdjan off. he went to buy a chair for himself

    I’m waiting in front of the building for mine


    I’m sitting on the new blue chair. I adjusted it. everything else is friendship


    chair I enjoy in You – enjoy in me chair



    1960. day
    14th May 2010

    without stimulus I typed these seven words


    seven words are good and nice measure


    you’ve just started and it’s already finished


    horses at run


    sex of thoughts


    thoughts are kissing each other – you don’t think through thoughts


    horse’s strength – strength of trees


    ships from trees. houses from trees. tables from trees. beds from trees


    jam from plums from trees


    books from trees


    fire from trees


    everything is live


    iron breathes


    gravity is awake


    salt an sugar are making things salty and sweet


    letters in books are waiting to be read


    if I was smoking I would be writing about cigarettes


    I’m wearing glasses – glasses are watching


    I’m walking first time second ten year walking


    I’m walking around the Planet circling through the Universe


    I’m sitting at the desk on the new chair


    my armpits are sweating


    what is the role of an armpit


    the news is only what the powerful are hiding – I heard yesterday on television


    conversation reveals us – I heard day before yesterday on television


    I closed my eyes and I’m dosing off on the chair


    I’m off to the bed for a little bit


    I enjoyed it. I covered myself with the blanket. I relaxed. surrendered...


    telephone woke me up – Jelena Besir


    resting is very important thing – everything that exists revives me


    for all His rest is work and all His work is rest – Angleus Silesius

    I decided today that on question how are you from now on I will answer Thanks God


    it’s warm. it will be colder for the weekend


    I’ll shave myself and go on walking



    1961. day
    15th May 2010

    it’s raining. wind is blowing. it’s Saturday


    earthly paths are becoming muddy in the rain


    above highways and rivers wind is stronger


    I was going down Grcica Milenka street. through Vojvode Djurovica

    I’m going up. afterwards I will go up again and down again and once more

    down and once more up and through the forest I will get to Ban’s Hill


    rain sweat and wind – I hope they don’t make me ill


    wind is blowing harder through wide streets


    I’m passing under the eaves of the Red Star football stadium


    sweating make me healthy


    I prefer to walk through the plains


    I’m squeezing the water from my sleeve


    wet from inside and out I’m thinking of birds while they’re flying over the ocean


    I manage to get at half twelve to the petrol station

    in Pozeska street on meeting with Vesna Lopicic


    I might move to her empty apartment on Ban’s Hill


    Ban’s Hill is better for my walking. because of the forest. lake Ada. river Sava


    the most important is that I’m always poetically dwelling. in the house of infinity. in roses


    I made it on time. looked at the apartment. it’s nice. I will move there on 1st July


    I was completely wet. Ivana who lives close by brought me three dry t-shirts


    same way back. only now the sun is shining


    I should inform my landlady Slavica Generalovic that I will move out

    it’s unpleasant. I hope it doesn’t upset her too much


    I’m looking forward to the change. to the forests that are around


    the edge of the town is close and everything outside the city that I yearn for


    I’m sitting at my computer. the rain patters against the windowpanes

    I’m tired. I walked 21 kilometre


    mankind is closed within itself. separated from other beings


    it got dark


    I’m really tired. hungry. my legs are hurting. my back

    back of the head. shoulders. toes. jaws


    I’m enjoying the roses


    everything that exists is just one bud


    Bud of All Beings


    I kiss You – sing me


    there was a flash of lighting – lightings are blossoming


    Your sex is magnificent – it’s thundering – my sex is through magnificent


    thunder stuck close by


    where are the sparrows now



    1963. day
    17th May 2010

    I love to walk through London parks full of roses


    I love when everybody goes their own way


    I love if A would be what she already is now even though she doesn’t know it

    tell her that


    I love that waterfalls feel fine in my heart


    I love bread crumbs – sweetest food forever


    I love pussy that liberates people from taboos and language hypocrisy


    I love cock that freed itself from being cocky and waging wars


    I love to witness the birth of every word in past and in present


    I love to nurse constantly all beings with milk of love


    I love when frontiersmen of the world identify themselves

    with the middle-men of the world


    I love when natives identify themselves with the immigrants


    I love migratory birds who are arranging this world


    I love the voice of Ruth Brown


    I love everybody that sings


    I love everybody who surrenders to somebody else








    I love thinking through caressing


    I love when it rains. rain is a good friend


    it’s nothing. it’s just a sorrow


    wind is turning the rain into the rainy dust


    worms are swimming in the puddles on the asphalt


    I love everything created


    everything created is created with my love

    everything created is love-kissed with my love

    everything created is immortal through my love


    I love fucking


    fucking liberates all beings from fears


    fucking – breathing through sense

    fucking – sensible breathing

    fucking – a grammar of being


    fucking loves prayer


    one and only skin of all beings








    I love the tenderness of the sexes


    I love the courage of singing


    I love the beauty of transformation


    poem sung through bow-down



    1964. day
    18th May 2010

    empathy – understanding and entering into another's feelings

    putting oneself into the psychological frame of reference of another


    matching – rainy dust is pouring on my face


    accord – when thoughts words and deeds are one


    harmony – when You are listening to me – when I’m looking at You


    symphony – when You are kissing me – when I’m creating You


    agreement – everything that we wished for ourselves we already did for each other


    compassion – seeing in each being the moment of their birth and hour of their death


    responding – love-kissing the beggars – thanking the gratitude


    merging – hoof to the eye eye to the hoof


    unison – clearness of the uncreated


    unity – allforoneoneforall


    unanimity – orgasm-like


    peace – all beings on my shoulder


    girl in front of me has thrown the umbrella into the trash bin and

    girl from the other side of the river didn’t buy me an umbrella she promised


    I remember how excited I was in my youth by the word empathy


    I felt it. I experienced it. it was directed at me. I directed myself at it


    when I heard it something occurred within me


    word occurrence


    something permeating. universal. non-human


    empathy draws me like mysticism


    it changed me. touched my being


    made me more the same


    my mysticism – that’s me like me


    my empathy – that’s me like You


    You and me are creating I


    at the same moment we looked at the same invisible point in which we became one


    paper napkins instead of toilet paper


    through the sensibility of planktons and through the cosmic dust


    through confession through humour


    through child-like bursts of existence


    pledged to the fragile ones – lit up with the humble ones


    Jelena the Woman of my Dream – I met Jelena by chance

    and took a photo of her face as mine


    it’s raining. our socks are wet. we understand each other

    we are kissing – word empathy was first used in 1904