Bog Miroslav Mandić Bog




    smile in a step

    1827. day
    1st January 2010


    morning at the table


    all of a sudden it got really cloudy... clouds are rushing over the sky... the storm is going away... it’s getting brighter


    I started to create all 64 ten year pictures 


    it was wonderful


    it was almost nothing that’s how much it was everything in each of those 64 buds 


    now I will draw the blue rose. first in fifth year of that third ten year picture


    I will record the beginning of the fifth year of Blue film


    I am outside. it’s beautiful. I tingled with the bell. I threw

    for the first time a ball into air. for the first time I thanked God


    I touched the birch tree with my hand. I made a first step and read the text

    first step of the bud with smile

    from here infinitude and timelessness




    All Beings


    every moment everywhere and to everybody and everything love – eternal art in the poem of all beings


    to You and all beings Joy Health Freedom Transformation Loyalty Love Success










    Miroslav Mandic





    may live


    Bud of All Beings

    Bud of Every Day Art

    Bud God-Sex-Money

    Bud Nest

    Bud Universe

    Bud Walking


    I started. the steps are coming one after another. everything is same. godlike

    in everything. art of walking after eight years


    I threw first out of 33 pieces of paper on which is written I hug you


    I am God’s glory – I walked the first kilometre in ten year walking around the Planet


    I caressed the face of this old woman by looking at her


    I sowed-threw first banknote on the ground so as it would deliver new money of love


    I am walking in the centre of the Universe. the centre is constantly moving from heart to heart of all beings


    warm and moist air is soaking the empty streets


    I drew the first drawing of the walker under which I will write the number of walked kilometres


    wet leaves are also with me


    the handwriting of walking – the handwriting of all beings


    as she passes by a girl is smelling the white rose


    here is the first drop of rain in the first rain of the Bud


    first time on the Danube and first sun in the Bud


    first photo of my face in the Bud


    first bow down to the rain and all beings in the Bud


    Bud of All Beings is the first bud of all beings and first definition of the Bud of All Beings


    rain drops on the green grass are sparkling


    on these steps of Kalemegdan beside

    white snails I came to a first stand in the Bud


    today Jasuka and Zeljko will walk 13 kilometres by the sea in Australia


    I am first time countless times


    I am at the table. showered. I’m typing in the blessings. I have to learn to enjoy in

    this extra work after the walking. to send it to Violeta to check the text and Ivana to translate it


    I was walking for three hours – 13.77 kilometres


    19685 steps – peace to all beings


    I hope that before midnight first Bud will fly into Your heart



    1828. day
    2nd January 2010

    Bud has flown


    just peacefully


    with mind








    honesty of beggary is tearing my heart apart 


    two sparrows are playing underneath the car


    joyful steps for the happiness of the planet Earth


    I’m skipping for the joy of all beings


    hey joyfully my friends – I say to my feet


    I turn around after this man and I wish him luck


    we are all here – the fire of joy


    I warm You up fire – kiss me love


    everybody thinks good while they are walking

    some are also writing well

    rear ones are dancing

    only one is singing through walking


    I’m walking with heart in Your mind


    hey you little fucker – a father is screaming at his son


    I singing with my mind in Your heart


    through walking everything is so close – whole world on the palm of my hand


    wet green bench


    I’m walking – I’m rejoicing in people’s houses


    I’m walking pass the District Court – I’m guilty so as all beings would be innocent


    old dog – pleasure of this blessing


    chilly boy is cleaning the windscreens on the crossroads


    I’m rejoicing You little rain


    you should just see how that yellow ball is flowing through air


    I’m walking down the spine of Belgrade


    I’m walking and singing from ear to ear


    I’m St. Vitus’ Day


    alphabet of all beings


    primer of dancing singing and creating


    a hymn to the wind








    1830. day
    4th January 2010

    what You see are words with which I caress You


    what You feel are the waves with which I carry You


    through air prospects


    through the river that evaporates


    the roots of the Bud are growing it’s branches into the sky


    roads are transforming into the rose


    rose into the bud


    lips into kiss


    it’s Monday – every day is reviving all past days


    it’s Monday – every day is giving birth to all future days


    it’s Monday – Bud of Walking


    I Remember Me am going into the day


    I Day is Rising am walking through lips


    I Want You am a humour of the face


    diffusion is gathering me


    sunlight is bathing in all beings


    walking is budding through feet


    wounds of childhood are living in brutality of envy and laziness


    we’re getting along somehow – an old woman says to her coeval

    everything in its own time – he answers


    I’m throwing brutality – ball is flying – I’m catching carefulness


    I’m throwing envy – ball is flying – I’m accepting giftedness


    I’m throwing laziness – ball is flying – I’m surrendering to good will


    I’m bowing down to the grass that is wavering in the snow


    I’m pushing my hands in my pockets towards my stomach to warm it up


    I am deliverance of man from manhood and man


    cosmic mine of thinking


    beauty is attaching itself to goodness


    goodness permeates beauty


    I’m giving You right away


    right away is healthy and useful for everything


    towards the end of walking I throw the ball again


    I’m writing with right hand but catching the ball with left


    I was left-footed in football as well




    1831. day
    5th January 2010

    it’s Tuesday – Bud Nest


    well dressed I’m enjoying the cold wind


    I’m peacefully walking down the Boulevard


    I felt that cosmic rhythm and for last

    hundred meters I’m thinking how to describe it


    I’m not describing it – I don’t feel like getting out of it


    if you touch yourself you will feel how I’m enjoying


    centuries of tiredness are coming out of me


    in order to walk around the Planet in ten years by walking 12,796 kilometers

    every day except Sunday I decided to walk around it every day as well




    like this


    through Alan Turing and artificial intelligence


    by throwing a ball into the air


    catch it – it’s joy


    I’m starting – ball is flying – I walked around the Planet


    I exist because somebody somewhere believes I exist


    I enjoy the unnoticeable – unnoticeable enjoys me


    a man is walking slowly – he feels beautifully


    sap of trees is circling through the trunks


    good deeds are circling unnoticeably


    she is warming her young through skin and breath


    his stomach is getting chilly after all


    wait – I’m walking the writing


    everything is vibrating and shimmering


    I’m crying – goodness of this girl has affected me


    only through meeting a good being one can see how beauty radiates from goodness


    Bud of All Beings is feeding on affection


    goodness is not dying


    I’m happy about the first pair of paper scissors I bought in my life


    I bought prunes for tomorrow’s compote


    sparkles are sparkling


    atoms particles cells molecules sparkles long live my friends


    everything resides in the smallest – everything is dancing and singing in the biggest


    in the glory of my work within Bud Nest to the drawings of

    64 buds are singing to the Bud of All Beings I joined 65th – joker bud




    1832. day
    6th January 2010

    Wednesday – Bud Universe


    I just drew Bud Universe in my diary


    while walking I first drew the good walker


    Universe is all for peace and peace for all

    (universe in Serbian: svemir, consisting of

    sve, meaning all and mir, meaning peace)


    Universe is everything that is


    Universe is my bed my house my fatherland my cradle


    Universe is the state I live in


    when a little fish jumps out of water – Universe is


    Universe is this ten year long causeless walking around the Planet


    healing causelessness for Planet and Universe


    yesterday they were doing inventory. today I bought them. two perfect

    mechanical pencils


    Universe are warm words of my beggar granny


    the Universe string is resonating


    Universe are images of the Universe


    Universe is all that somebody thinks Universe is – for me Universe is bud


    I am Universe – mother of all beings


    everything is pervaded by Universe


    Universe is in constant creation of the sameness


    mild rain and mild pain in the spine and left hip


    horses are kissing me


    politics of the Universe is surprise me


    I’m throwing a ball so as it flies through the rain


    the more I get wet the more I kiss


    I is walking – idea is

    (idea in Serbian: ideja, consisting of

    ide, meaning walking, going, and ja, meaning I)


    I love idea


    I love I


    I am You to every I


    I am Your You – You are my I


    a man with a hat on is entering the sock shop


    getting wet on the rain is the best umbrella


    old bread in the plastic bag hung on the container – Goddess my beloved


    God is a God’s wish that everybody becomes God


    have a long lifeGod beggar and accordion player told me as I was

    putting the money in the hat of his partner and younger God




    1833. day
    7th January 2010

    Thursday – Bud God-Sex-Money


    I’m looking forward to the God-Sex-Money


    God is God. sex is sex. money is money – and this is God-Sex-Money


    Bud God-Sex-Money – a red tram is passing by


    Bud God-Sex-Money – wet streets are empty


    Bud God-Sex-Money – dustmen are offering best wishes for Christ’s birth


    Bud God-Sex-Money – people are afraid of God sex and money


    people are fighting over arguing killing because of God sex and money


    my God is Your God. my sex is Your sex. my money is Your money


    God sex and money are innocent and belong to everybody and everything


    Bud God-Sex-Money – everything I see is God


    Bud God-Sex-Money – everything I look at is sex


    Bud God-Sex-Money – everything I watch is money


    Bud God-Sex-Money – I stopped beside You big tree


    Bud God-Sex-Money – I went around You street corner


    Bud God-Sex-Money – a dog has pricked up his ears


    Bud God-Sex-Money – little sparrows


    Bud God-Sex-Money – Black Elk who

    I’m reading For the past few days with great pleasure


    Bud God-Sex-Money – I calmly received the ball from air


    Bud God-Sex-Money – sound of the ball which has fallen into my hand


    Bud God-Sex-Money – Indian children that are bathing in the streams


    Bud God-Sex-Money – I’m running after the ball which I threw in front of me


    Bud God-Sex-Money – deeply inside and closely outside


    Bud God-Sex-Money – never unite forces with anybody against somebody


    Bud God-Sex-Money – as if he knows that giving and receiving is the same


    Bud God-Sex-Money – seasons one in another


    Bud God-Sex-Money – prayer of all beings for all beings


    Bud God-Sex-Money – this deep sigh


    Bud God-Sex-Money – transformation of one’s nature


    Bud God-Sex-Money – creation creation creation


    Bud God-Sex-Money – unimportance that only importance


    Bud God-Sex-Money – fuckable kissing that only living


    Bud God-Sex-Money – free of charge that only richness


    Bud God-Sex-Money – this fog that is falling down in the distance




    1834. day
    8th January 2010

    Friday – Bud of Every Day Art


    art of every day is in art of every day


    like awakening


    like grass


    wheat of beauty


    every day is an art work


    the premier of the day is every day and there is no second showing


    great opportunity of kissing


    light of every day is so beautiful


    every day has plenty of air and its goodness


    sick ones get well


    smile depressed ones


    lonely ones touch each other


    every day war can stop for ever


    every day hunger can disappear


    every day you can be a she-hero of the day


    every day you can be a he-hero to the day


    the trees will bud soon – says The Trees Will Bud Soon


    everything I create every day is the Bud of Every Day Art


    one word


    one line


    one color


    one sound


    one step


    one bow


    in one word I love You


    my cactus is kissing You


    kiss with eyes – kiss through name


    day beauty


    water every day


    every day soil in every bite


    every day all beings


    every day everyday


    every day 33 blessings to every day



    1835. day
    9th January 2010

    Saturday – Bud of All Beings


    somewhere a little bird is flying through the rain


    I am the heart of a little bird – fragile like the site


    last night I couldn’t put the photos up on the site


    I didn’t know how to inform You that I couldn’t put them up


    I don’t know how will it be today – a little bird is flying through the rain


    I will rewrite here the letter to Zoltan that will also be on the Bud link


    it’s important that I think of a little bird



    I’m writing you through the site that you are taking care of in the name of the game and because this is a Bud of All Beings site. Bud of All Beings is becoming through everybody’s click on the site. whoever clicks is a bud

    I would like if the space between the lines within the Bud link is narrower

    little photos in the Walking link are escaping the circle

    I would love to enlarge the photo of the face within the Walking link to the maximum

    within the Walking link in English when you click Walking you don’t get the text

    in Miroslav Mandic link there should be a full stop after the year 2010

    we should think of how to archive everything

    and of course all that if it isn’t too much of a work and do it when you have time

    I’m inviting you for a bud-coffee over video chat


    Bud of All Beings is a nervous system of all beings




    good thoughts and notions


    good thoughts of good people are saving the world


    Bud of All Beings is speaking for all of those who are forbidden to speak


    you are fragile Good Walker


    I’m walking down the tram tracks – here are first hundred kilometers in walking around the Planet


    I’m enjoying the height of the trees


    I throw it – the ball guides me to the sky


    asphalt is dry for the first time so I bounce the ball on the ground as well


    it beats – the heart of a little bird is small


    it sings – the heart is beautiful while it’s flying


    Bud of All Beings – call-yearn-walk


    I’m more and more the same – everything is more and more the same


    Bud of All Beings – courage to be a bud


    after eight days of walking I covered a distance of

    105.73 kilometers with a daily average of 13.21 kilometers


    Bud of All Beings – sophistication from one moment to another


    Bud of All Beings – all those who I know


    Bud of All Beings – all those who I don’t know


    Bud of All Beings – Ana Kocinski who I don’t know


    Bud of All Beings – unprotectedness is guarding all beings


    Bud of All Beings – I hope I will put everything on the site tonight


    Bud of All Beings – gratitude even if I don’t manage to put things on the site


    Bud of All Beings – creation of a being of love and immortality




    1837. day
    11th January 2010

    stretch them out stretch them Good Walker











    I am calming down – getting into the state of a poem


    now everything sings


    his jacket rustled while he was walking pass me


    she is pulling the bag strap on her shoulder


    with the white scarf she is warming up her neck


    old sales woman is selling flowers on the corner


    a piece of board by the tram tracks


    the more senseless the more singable


    the holes in the asphalt filled with dry fallen pine needles


    the three boys young like a madness


    the sound of heels behind my back


    big yellow apples


    green light on the traffic lights turned on time for me


    the bud of tranquillity


    I learn about smile from the man who passed me by


    I’m standing on the crossroads – I am a being of happiness to all beings


    in her eyes I saw dedication to the continuous distances


    she wished me to be alive and healthy


    beggars are the doctors of the street




    I’m going – I will meet up – I am child


    I was with Vladimir Macura. afterwards with

    Ivana Djokic-Saunderson. last kilometre. night has fallen


    I am spent


    I am calming my heart


    these eagles I think of are pleasing me


    street sellers are still on the street


    I will buy olives


    I’m straightening up – to breathe in the air


    for the first time in the Bud I’m throwing the ball into the night


    ball feels nice while flying through the night



    see you soon



    1838. day
    12th January 2010

    frost has fallen on the green grass


    frost – beautiful word


    noon – art of separating from the existing art


    slowly – art of separating from existing models of life


    noble – permeating of all beings


    I’m walking slowly – enjoying in leaving a distance behind


    I’m walking slowly – celebrating the sun


    I’m thinking of Your eyes


    I’m Your water


    I’m soaking the hearts with hope


    you are with me. I’m with You


    worker from the city parks department is pulling out dry leaves with the rake under the bush


    they are sitting on the bench and caressing each other’s hands


    while I’m walking down this path cold air is caressing my cheeks


    I love everybody’s face


    everybody’s face makes my face


    I’m absorbing


    I’m stopping – so as the pain in my Achilles’ tendon easies


    I’m practicing my eyes


    I’m again thinking of Passport-Bud


    a passport of all beings


    mystical smile is smiling to the harmony of being


    I’m kissing You harmony of walking


    I’m walking You harmony of kissing


    imagine me like a warm stone which is warming up Your stomach


    imagine how I’m gardening You


    a man has stopped and is watching the bread in the shop window


    my shadow is sticking on the asphalt like a snail


    with every step I say amen to the eternal life


    eternal life is becoming from love for life and lives of all beings


    silence is writing


    dear words like snails


    let’s crawl



    1839. day
    13th January 2010

    just love me


    I live so as all beings would love me


    I create so as all beings would start to love themselves


    I sing so as all beings would love all beings


    just love me and don’t worry







    mist is overflowing the forest


    thin ice on little puddles on the road


    frost shines with whiteness on the frozen ground


    sun has disappeared in the mist


    just orchestrate – the surrounding tells me


    I’m your poem – empty road tells me


    don’t leave us – fallen dry leaves are telling me


    Planet of mine I cherish You with steps by which I am walking around You


    planet Earth is my property because I love it and I have no property


    all people who have and love their property on the Planet don’t have love of Planet


    Planet feels nice in the Universe. Universe enjoys on the Planet


    Universe is a good host to everybody. Universe is beautiful hostess to everything


    Bud is the centre in every centre of the Universe


    I am walking circle


    planetarium of everyday


    I’m what bees are doing


    I’m throwing a ball high in the branches


    branches have said hallo – flown ball has told me


    I stopped so as the pain in my Achilles’ tendon would go away


    I was standing like a tree


    in the third year of the Rose of Wandering the pain in my Achilles’ tendon appeared

    in the Bud in the very beginning. glory to all Achilles’ tendons


    first time in the Bud I’m passing by the graveyard


    peace and smell of barberry


    live life to the full in every day


    fall in love with the breathing


    may everything You look at rejoice You


    just kiss me and don’t think



    1840. day
    14th January 2010

    it would be better if my jacket was below my knees


    I’m walking for Andja’s new – even better heart


    I’m walking for Ivana’s new – even better life


    I’m walking so as sufferings and pains of all those who suffer are gone


    walls of the houses next to which I’m passing by are with me


    I put the hat even more over my ears


    if it means anything to You – I’m walking down Cvijiceva street


    just like that


    just so as it is


    anything that is


    that’s how I walk


    that’s how I drew Good Walker


    rejoicing to the rejoicing


    there is something incredibly refreshing in the words themselves


    completely abstract and so concrete


    Shoemaker Smiljanic next to the Hairdresser Andrejic


    does it mean anything to You that it is 12:33 right now


    gentleman has stopped and he’s doing the crosswords


    the path is a bit moist but I’ll walk it


    I’m unbuttoning myself after all


    while I was thinking about not giving up a tram has come really close to me


    tenderness do not give up


    all that I am saying only to You I’m telling to everybody


    a man on crutches is singing along


    don’t-give-up enthusiasm don’t-give-up tranquillity



    I’m tired from coldness


    three to four hundred meters more to the Nest


    a woman that sold me beetroot is on her feet and in the cold from 5:30 am


    I’m circling around the Nest in order to write few more blessings


    I’m circling like a bird


    a boy has suddenly started to run


    I’m rising my eyes towards the birds that are disappearing in the misty sky


    I’m standing – I saw them – buds of magnolia






    1841. day
    15th January 2010

    it is so exciting this plain walking that I fell how all beings are walking within me


    I have never been here


    crows are here


    the King of Nothing salutes to the President of Emptiness


    property enslaves human and keeps them in existing evolution


    a bit of sorrow hopelessness and despair is everywhere

    but they also make indescribable beauty of usual


    I don’t know where am I nor where should I go but I will go and get somewhere


    sometimes only love for ugliness makes me worthy of life


    love for ugly is great art


    uphill warms up


    I see the motorway but not how to cross it


    this time I will really slow down uphill


    slowness doesn’t sweat


    slowness is rippling by silence


    I ran across the motorway


    I am footway and I celebrate all of those who are walking


    dear elephants


    a thirsty ones to quench their thirst somewhere


    hungry ones to feast themselves with bread somewhere


    homeless ones to find a pillow somewhere


    soil to give birth to the life


    water to flow to somebody


    air to air out the Universe


    light to regenerate itself in love


    walker to walk around the Universe


    slowly I’m not rushing anywhere – told me the man who I passed by


    I hear his footsteps behind my back and I cry – every

    man holds inexhaustible source of goodness and beauty


    a blessing about inexhaustible sources of goodness

    and beauty I wrote in Biljana Jovanovic street


    particles little bells – life is always ringing and calling for life


    somewhere a cow is giving birth to calve – music never stops


    I would love to live everywhere. I would love to be everybody


    I am both everywhere and everybody


    I walked around the Planet and I didn’t move at all. I was just circling here in the infinity




    1842. day
    16th January 2010

    I’m going to Danube so Danube could see me


    it’s cold. for few days now the fog is not

    retreating. a jacket beneath my knees would really do me good


    from today I will wink at somebody or something every day


    winking is awareness alongside the humor


    awareness of the sameness and heavenly origins of all matter


    most exciting thing I can think of at this moment is to write these words


    I’m walking around the Planet fairytale like


    Planet is the fairytale


    nothing exists besides the fairytale


    only fairytale is truthful


    I’m walking around the Planet – I’m fighting for a fairytale


    mother is a fairytale about mother


    fairytale is the mother of courage to live a fairytale


    I’m walking to earn today’s beetroot


    I’m walking like a deer


    I’m throwing a ball and saying out aloud – I love You everything. I love You everything


    I kiss Your back – I kiss Your back – I kiss Your back


    around Bajloni market I turn around and wink to the cactus at my table


    cactus is helping me a lot


    I’m flying on a rug. and where is your rug. well eleven words backwards to the first and twelve to the second one


    oh beauty – oh Danube


    I wink at everybody so as they would laugh and immediately get better


    You are my chastity


    do you love me – a lot


    do I love You – don’t ask


    I made a detour to buy a rubber band. it snapped this morning in my underpants


    I kiss you trivialities


    I feel for children who are disgusted with their parents

    I feel for parents who don’t even know that their parents are disgusted with them


    bread. olives. beetroot. mayonnaise. apples. royal feast


    twelve years old boy is enjoying while his father is telling him how the car is driven


    average walking distance of this week was 12,89 kilometers


    eyes feel nice


    just wink at me



    1844. day
    18th January 2010

    it’s snowing with fine and dry snowflakes


    I touched and kissed a birch tree


    sometimes I’m nothing else but the desire to make somebody happy


    to make anybody happy


    rusty sheet fence


    I’m passing by the Botanical garden and saying hello to all the plants in it


    You are lying to me


    I beg You not to lie to me


    don’t lie to anybody. don’t lie to yourself


    when we are lying to somebody we are killing them – don’t kill me


    to those who are lying I wish them not to lie


    lie is creating a secret. secret increases the lie


    secrets and lies are sad since people are shutting them into secrets and lies


    lies would love to free themselves from lies. secrets would love to free themselves from secrets


    it’s comfortable to walk with two pairs of socks


    I’m unimportant – everything is important


    I’m greeting you back through all the waterfalls on the Planet


    I wink at not wanted ones


    I’m walking – everything is wanted


    I’m throwing the ball – everybody is kissed


    I’m throwing the ball very high and wish for everybody to kiss


    I leaned my head on the side so as everything is even more delicate


    almost unnoticeable snow is pleasant for brain


    I smell like snow


    snow is sparkling only in the air. when it comes to the ground it already melts


    it gives me a pricking sensation over my face as if the grass was touching me


    red tram is going up green tram is going down the street


    I was drinking coffee with Ivana. saw her off to the bus

    the street lights turned on. fine snow keeps on falling


    I’m walking very slow. I’m listening to the silence. I’m cherishing the silence


    I stopped and watched the bloomed magnolia

    I caress one branch of hers full of buds


    I’m snow – water plants




    1845. day
    19th January 2010

    last night I found diaries of Leaves and Grass


    I started to do Leaves in December 1974




    it started on its own


    everything was interwoven with each other as well in me as in front of my eyes


    after several drawings I decided that I would do it for ten years every day


    I was excited by those ten years


    but the first step that already contains all the others should have been taken


    heroism of the beginning


    heroism of ten years


    those ten years are now already thirty five years from

    the beginning and twenty five years from their ending behind me


    I opened four new documents in the computer

    Leaves – A Tree of Life diary

    Grass diary

    Leaves and Grass diary

    Blue Roses diary


    they keep on interweaving on their own


    the heart of a rhinoceros and the lock of a girl


    hoofs and grass


    word path with the picture of path


    picture of rose with the music of rose


    all I’s are interwoven within my I


    one I


    I is I

    you are I

    he is I

    she is I

    it is I

    we are I

    you are I

    they are I


    I of circling


    I of repetition

    I of a first kiss


    loyalty to the first kiss


    I bent down and picked up one dinar from the ground


    I bent down for another one... here is the third one... I’m stooping


    richness of free bending


    my eyes are shining from the coldness


    life is not starting life is not passing life is not dying life is


    it’s cold and kisses are getting frozen


    I wink at all sources on the planet Earth


    I bought the little bell – I’m ringing to all beings


    bells are ringing the eternity of wedding


    1846. day
    20th January 2010

    I’m walking for the life of Barack Obama


    I’m throwing a ball on all four compass points


    I’m throwing a ball three times for all those that were ever killed


    I’m throwing a ball highly so as the killing would stop


    I’m throwing a ball so as the killers would stop killing


    powerful people are yearning to be saved – killers are yearning to be freed from killing


    I’m walking – I’m ringing


    I’m walking 333 steps for life


    I’m walking 360 steps for lives of all beings


    I’m throwing a ball 33 times for Barack Obama’s 33 following years


    undertaking is nice


    all of a sudden a responsibility is surrounding me


    everything I see is responsible


    it’s snowing


    houses are upright


    when I raise my head following the ball snow is falling in my mouth


    we are born to be responsible and undertake something


    art of birthday


    Art undertaking – I am an enterprise – Art Enterprise

    beauty of undertaking lies in a fact that for anything just a little bit is enough


    but when we don’t undertake then a great deal is needed


    and while I’m drinking coffee with Ivana I am Universe of walking


    I need half an hour only to take out from pockets

    what I am carrying with me on walking that’s what the walking is like


    road of roadlessness – roadlessness of the road


    this woman in a red sweater has gave me a jolly good look


    therefore, therefore I am


    therefore – sexy word


    I would like to live for a while only within English language


    if I would get a large amount of money I would use it for the writing of this blessing


    future heroes of manhood will be the killers that will stop killing


    enemies should be cherished not killed


    only if the circle is saved everything will be saved






    1847. day
    21st January 2010


    I don’t want to succeed in the word but rather the world to succeed in me


    world is succeeding only within me


    I wink at the meekness


    therefore – resurrection of all beings – not only people






    by ball fly the words after it


    from today I will drink medicinal teas


    echinacea and dandelion


    I bought white Kronos sneakers


    I’m in the end of walking. I froze from the humid air


    my feet are wet from old and bad sneakers


    therefore – I will be collecting all the sneakers in the Bud of Walking

    like I kept all the sneakers from the Rose of Wandering


    sneakers of mine – horses of mine


    Earth today as well we kept each other company


    You were circling within me – I was circling on You


    my feet are tired – my swans


    I downloaded the photos from the walking


    there was twenty eight of them. three are left. like every

    day. one for each walking – bud – bow-down


    I would love if the photos on the web site would be as large as possible


    large like a house



    I don’t want to succeed in the word but rather the world to succeed in me


    world is succeeding only within me


    I wink at the meekness


    therefore – resurrection of all beings – not only people




    resurrection of all beings


    I wink at the meekness



    comfortable sneakers and large photographs


    I’m rich – I have four packages of pepper in the Nest


    I’m gently joking


    a detail spread on the bread of wholeness



    resurrection of all beings


    I wink to antiquity


    expected spread on unexpected bread



    shy and touching












    56TH TIME 33 DAYS

    1848. day
    22nd January 2010

    I’m cold. nothing else is left for me but to say that I’m cold


    I will be watching the passers by to warm me up


    it’s warmer immediately


    I’m smiling


    some people are crazy like hell


    a boy is carrying snow in his hands


    this woman is walking like a fast train


    I love to walk pass this school fence


    it’s a serious business this walking


    I bow down to a particle which was flowing for billions of years

    through the heart of the Universe so as to fly into the heart of these words


    I’m walking and watching – I am a watcher


    exister walker watcher dancer singer


    snow on green grass


    I’m walking – towards the heart of beauty


    I’m walking – within the heart of beauty


    I’m walking – I am the heart of beauty


    church bells have rung once – it’s one o’clock


    I’m walking slowly – I’m ringing slowly


    I am a listener


    I’m listening what is my bell ringing to me


    it rings mellowness and goodness


    just to see her


    just to see him


    thrower and catcher of ball






    I wink at the seeders of new money


    looking after the ball always lifts me up and carries me away


    I’m walking giving strength to my future walking


    here goes beautiful – the woman selling apples said as she gave me my change


    thank you thank – I am a thanker





















    1849. day
    23rd January 2010

    singer trigger


    it’s gloomy


    gloomy is also nice – everything is nice – despite – how nice is the word gloomy


    I started out – who is alone is with me


    whoever started out – I am with him/her


    I’m warming myself up by tucking in my scarf and buttoning up all the buttons


    from today I will have a white dice with black spots with me on my walking


    dry snow is falling – I’m enjoying plane trees


    I’m greeting all that a million years ago was tram


    I’m greeting all that is a tram anywhere in the Universe


    I’m greeting all that is a tram to minerals and plants

    animals spirits of nature people higher intelligence


    tram – a city wanderer


    while I was drawing a Good Walker as he’s saying with his arms

    spread to all beings my dears snowflakes were falling on him as well as me


    I love roundabouts


    I love everybody who holds the Earth on the palm of their hand like a new born baby


    I love to think of love that was coming forth from Nikolai Fyodorov’s heart


    I love to pass through the parks


    I love when it’s cold and I’m well dressed


    be a fool

    it’s written on the wall


    I love all those who are rejoicing the joy


    I love the word cyclamen as well as cyclamen colour


    I’m caressing the Earth with my steps so as nobody would be stepping on it and so as nobody would humiliate anybody else


    I am a restorer – I restore words in their first use


    I am a repeater – repetition is resurrection


    I feel good – I’m giving it to You


    encourage yourself


    I enjoy more and more in words


    I enjoy in enjoyment


    I am a hawk in Your chest


    I wink at snowstorms


    average of this week’s walking is 13.25km. I did

    everything. I only worked a little on my smile as well as my back


    tomorrow is Sunday. if nobody is around to rejoice You then You rejoice Sunday


    tomorrow at noon I will be with You and all beings